As some of you may or may not know. Pionier Ehrhart has set up a home page for the gruppe. If you get the chance you should check it out. We also have a link set up with the Military Exchange homepage. In fact I believe we got our first inquiry just the other day from it. It was from the 2nd Panzer Divisions pionier gruppe asking if we had information regarding the 1941 flamethrower. Pionier Ehrhart has done an excellent job. There are plans to add a varity of information about pioniers to the homepage. In fact pionier Ehrhart just picked up a reprint of a pionier manual date 1943, on field fortifiacations and obstacle. We are also on a constant search for non-copywrited photos or drawings of pioniers to add to the homepage as well. If any of you Pionier has an article or information they think should go on the homepage let me know.

Grefreiter Welsch has written two article already.

PUBLICATION OF INTEREST While searching the internet one day after work. I came across a Home Page for a magazine entitled " KREIGSBERICHTER". It is for the historian, collector and the reenactor. This magazine has interviews with German war veretans and translates Wehrmacht manuals. Plus other related articles. The cost is $27.00 per year and it comes out 4 to 6 times a year. I have received my first copy and it is quite good. If anyone would like to read it. I would be glad to loan it to them after I have finished with it.

DELETED FROM LAST NEWSLETTER As some of you were probably able to tell some of the newsletter was missing in the section on the Commerce, GA battle. I was saying that battle event showed some of the gruppe's deficiencies. Like zeltbahn pegs, rope and most of all zeltbahns. I was suggesting in the last newsletter that the gruppe join together and purchase a gruppe zeltbahn. Every pionier could chip in $5.00 or so for this purpose. I was wanting to hear from the rest of the gruppe on what they thought of this matter.


The next event I am hoping the majority of you can attend is the living history and display week-end August 9th and 10th. This is a good time for everyone to get together and prepare for the fall campaign season. This year not only will we have a weapons demonstration. I have plans to have talks on uniforms and camouflage as well. This year there will be a contest for the most authentic Soldat. With a prize for first place. The registration fee is $10.00 just like last year. This includes three meals. You will be able to stay in the lodge at night. Shower facilities are available. There will also militaria for sale at this event. I have included a registration form with this news-letter. It must be filled out and back to me no later that July 22, 1997.

GRUPPE INFORMATION With this edition of the newsletter as promised. I have enclosed the cross-reference sheet regarding uniforms and there prices. The sheet lists the required uniform parts, plus other uniform part offered and the cost from the variety of companies. This will be a quick reference for anyone who needs to upgrade from that Swedish conversion or wants to purchase a new tunic or trousers. I also have for this edition a person who fills out Soldbuches. It is the same person who publishes the "KREIGSBERICHTER". For $27.00 (ppd.) he will fill out your Soldbuch and add lots of little extra goodies. For $32.00 (ppd.) he will even supply the Soldbuch. I have ordered an order form. I figure we can copy it for any of you Pioniers who are interested. Just let me know. I have not received the order form as of this edition. I want everyone to know that Bud O'Toole is selling reed green HBT material at $10.00 a yard plus $1.60 per yard for shipping and handling. If you are interested, let me know and I will send you his address. A note, he only take money orders as payment.


* AUGUST 9th and 10th Bushnell, FL W.W.II Day. Displays and Demonstrations. This years event is larger in scope. Not only weapons firing, but uniform seminars and a Most Authentic Soldat contest. Registration fee of $10.00. Includes 3 meals.

OCTOBER Commerce, GA.[the site for this has just been moved stay tuned] N.M.H.A. Western front battle. More Info when available.

NOVEMBER Newnan or Agusta, GA. N.M.H.A. Italian front battle. More info when available.

NOVEMBER Ft. Eustis, VA. Battle Group Inc. Western front battle. More info when available. DECEMBER

12th and 13th Lebanon, TN. 20th Century Tactical Studies Group, Eastern front battle.