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The 43rd Sturm Pionier Bn. (mot) is a World War Two German reenacting unit located in North-Central Florida. For information on joining this or other Florida WWII reenacting units contact me (Mike Dwyer) by E-mail (see bottom of page).

Whats New

July 10 2002

OK. I have gotten some e-mail asking if the site is still being updated. Well as of 2001 I have quit reenacting and am olny working on this page to support my comaraden who are carring on with the fight. I will probably add some java to the page and do away with the current page counter but there will be no new material unless it is added by current members of the group.. HINT HINT.

The freenet nuked all my graphics last year for unknown reason. Since I do not have a copy of the grey back ground I had it is now gone forever. The new back ground is my attempt at Feldgrau. It is not very close but only took about 2 min. to do. If someone else has a better backgound that they would like to volunteer please e-mail it to me.


Send comments of questions to the unit commander Brian Kepner at

pionier AT atlantic dot net

Sorry for the anti spam you will have to type the exact e-mail in your mail program. Michael Dwyer 1997-9

Articles by Jay Welsh and Brian Kepner and John Beyers are Copyright to Jay and Brian and John.

Missions Statement of the 43rd Sturm Pioniers.

You are to accurately portray the common everyday German pionier of W.W.II to the best of your ability. This is done through living history programs, demonstrations and battle reenactments. Uniforms, equipment and weapons are to be original or exact replicas. If you present yourself to the public. You have an obligation (to the public) to represent the common German pionier as accurately as possible. For mispresentation through your uniform, equipment and weapons is presenting falsehoods in history and disgraces the memory of those who served, living and dead. Politics are not the interest or focus of the group but the potrail of the life of a combat soldier. For more information see the mission statement of our parent organization the NMHA.