Playboy News Stand Special Model Index

1: What is "Acrobat" ???
"Acrobat" is a portable document format -- it allows people to use different types of software to produce something readable anywhere without the original software.
2: How do I get the reader??? Does it cost anything?
The reader for the format is available free from this link: Click me
3: What is the index???
The index is an extensive cross-reference listing of all the models who have appeared in Playboy's "NSS" (News Stand Specials) over the years. All models who have appeared in *included* issues more than once should appear in this listing. (It would be about 3 times as long if I did not ignore girls who only appeared once...)
4: Are there any pictures???
Sorry, that's not what this is about... The xref is to help you locate other appearances of some particular model(s) you've seen in a particular issue. To include pics would be a violation of Playboy's copyrights, an area I am not about to tackle here, regardless of my opinions about the current copyright model.
5: What is the teaser???
A teaser file, consisting of the first *15* pages of the 240+ page document is available here: Click me
---- You will need the Acrobat reader, of course... ---
6: What issues are included in the index???
The index is a fairly complete cross-reference of the various NSS editions, and includes all but two of the "Books of Lingerie" (one of which is the all-reprint 50th issue), and includes most of the "Girls of Summer", "Bathing Beauties", "Wet & Wild", "Nudes" and a large number of other random issues such as the "Blondes, Brunettes & Readheads", "Cover Girls", etc. To see a full listing of which issues are included and not included, Click Here!
7: OK, I'm interested... What do I do to get my own copy fo the full index???
The full 200+ page file is available for only $15. E-mail Me if you are still interested at the link below... Compare this to the "Bare Facts Video Guide", and I feel that's a fair price to ask.
8: Sorry, I'm only interested is issues of Playboy. Is there any info on those?
The only info regarding Playboy itself is basically an indirect listing of Playmates, which is not really in anything I would classify as a useful form, since it's spread all over the index...

A much better set of sources of Playboy info are the following links:

Women of Playboy
This is a site listing all women appearing in Playboy from the present back to the mid-60's. This means pretty much *all* appearances, including some appearances in advertisements, I believe.
Playmate Statistical Data
This is a site listing all available Playmate statistical data. It appears to be a fairly complete database. A nice adjunct to the recent "Facts & Figures" NSS. It's also a good, quick way to find out when some girl was a Playmate...
Ken Ritchie Collectibles
Ken Ritchie collectibles is a good source for various Playboy memorabilia -- back issues as well as assorted other collectibles, such as autographs, videos, reference books, collector cards, and so on. Tell 'em you heard about them *here*!
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