Alex Pelton

Dated: July 14, 1996

 Finished Demon

I think it turned out rather well... Although I've noticed when I view
it in different text modes than I originally made it, it doesn't look
as nice.  Oh well, I guess that can't be helped.  Any opinions about
whether I should add wings and/or a tail to this guy?  I wonder what
I'll do for my second picture...

            _.'          .
           |P`            ?\
          ."h              "B
          (""h             "P
          ?""",          .""P
     ___  __===~88~\\\\\|~====__ __       ___
 .-==ooo~odoooob ?8/////'oooood88888ooo?P88888?ooo?888PooooOoooooooo=~--
?8.=~=.8do.,oo88888ooo,o,oo88888o,;                      `6
.?*o88ob`8.,o88888888oo,o,o88888o,'                       `\
doo,,oP  ?888o,,o8o,o8o,,,o8oo'
8od8bo'  `?88o,,o8o,o88o,.,o,o'
8o888o    `88o,,o8o,o8o,.,o,o'
?o888P     ===========<666>==
`?88P     ********************
 ?ooPb   ',odoo,************,b
OOOOO \\,oo8888ooo,,******,o888,
(\\\\ ||,o8888888oo,,*****,o88o)
        `,o88888oo,, *****,o8oP
        `?,o888oP,,  *****,ooP
         `8-==-P,    |****,,-='
          ?o88oP     |*'d*,o88
         .dboodb.     *;8*,o88
         ,od88boo     *,o*,o88'
         do8888ob     *`o*,o8P
         ?o8888oP     |`,|,oo'
         `o8888o'     `?o8oP
          `o88o'      ,o88o'
           ?ooP       `?88o'
          dooo'b      'o88oo,.
         '?o===o   ~-=8oo888888oo.__
         8888888     `~~~' `==~~~=-,' 
          V''V'     original picture by Alex Pelton `96 
          '  '

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