Top Twenty Star Wars Related Famous Last Words

Top Twenty Star Wars Related Famous Last Words


20. "Aw, look captain! A cute furry animal!"

19. "I am fluent in over six mil..."

18. "No, sorry. You JUST missed the last Kenner figure."

17. "You seen that Vader guy's liver spots? Eeew!"

16. To Lando: "Hiya master!"

15. "There's a nice, big open cave in that asteroid right over there..."

14. "Emperor my butt!"

13. "Boba Fett? What a wuss!"

12. "Sorry, Kabe. All out of Juri Juice."

11. "Look mommy! Another moon just appeared out of nowhere! Only isnt it kinda small?"

10. "Whip, stir, whip, stir, whip, whip, stir!" (Holiday special joke)

9. "Hey look! A vornskr! Here kitty, kitty, kitty!"

8. "Here's a good idea! Let's come into the Hoth system real close!"

7. "TIE Advanced? Never heard of it, but I'm sure I take it in my Y-Wing."

6. :::In front of Qwi Xux::: "Bawk! Bawk, bawk, bawk!" while flapping arms

5. "Don't worry, this blaster has PLENTY of power left!"

4. "Finally! I've always wanted my own X-TIE!"

3. "Wuher! Check out this new droid I got!"

2. "Look at that ceeeeute little thing! What's his name again? Rukh?"

1. "And now back to the Star Wars Holiday Special!"

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