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Sample Alphabet

Format: Windows 95 Truetype
Size: 78kb
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Format: Adobe Postscript
Size: 73kb .ZIP
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(This is my first attempt at making a Post Script file. If it doesn't work right, or looks odd, please let me know.)

Note: This font is Copyright © 1999 Sushil K. Rudranath, and is freeware. It may be freely downloaded and redistributed so long as no charge is made for it. ENJOY!

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This typeface is based on the character set created by Don St. Mars, which can be seen in the various computer graphics used on the show, as well as in the book, "Clarissa's All-In-One Perfect Complete Book of Everything Important (until I change my Mind)".

It's not a perfect duplication, since St. Mars' type was probably hand-written each time it was used (whether on the digital paintbox or for the book), but I think it's a reasonable approximation of Clarissa's handwriting as he created it.