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What's Good and Why?
Some webpages look good, some webpages look bad,
or is it just the way we see it?
This page is meant to show you the points of a nice-looking webpage.

  1. Good websites keep the same font face through the whole page.
  2. They must load quickly.
    • I recently went to a website, with one of it's pages almost 1mb. I'll never go back there again...
  3. Make the most of your site, without overdoing it on the bandwidth.
    • Remember to format your graphics to the lowest quality, without looking bad, (Grayscale for black and white images, etc...)
  4. Use animated GIFs sparingly.
    • anything over 3 is rediculous, and if you use banner ads 2 is plenty.
    • if you use a black (or other dark) background, animated GIFs are hard on the eyes.
  5. If something looks bad, and you can't fix it just go ahead and take it out
  6. Java applets should never be on the front page
    • Even when they are almost essential for your site, put them on a separate page.
  7. If you're making a high bandwidth site...
    • Make sure you have an alternative low-band site.
    • There are FAR more locations without fast access than with. (and sometimes they get it backwards where it is supposed to be)