Problems with the ugly page

  1. Two body tags?
  2. "SEE" should only have the first letter capitalized.
  3. Can't everyone make a frames page?
  4. Who cares if it is new? and we need 7 animated graphics in a row to notice?
  5. "HOEWDY" is not a word.
  6. Welcome misspelled, "Welsome"
  7. weab cite misspelled should be Website
  8. "come one" is misspelled, this whole sentance really should be here anyway.
  9. That background is extremely ugly
  10. More new logos? come on...
  11. There should never be more than one introductory image, this page uses two.
  12. Dog image broken
  13. Link colors blend in with awful looking background.
  14. Search misspelled
  15. Line break too soon, makes the page look even worse.
  16. USA Today is not at all new.
  17. The code for this page is all in one line, it is very hard to read that way, and makes almost no sense.
  18. Code has a few too many spaces also.
  19. The logo on the last announcement is not linked properly
  20. Wouldn't it be better to just put the FHS logo to the right of the links, get rid of the background, and foget about the "New" gif?