E-mail Revision Assignment


To understand how e-mail should work, you need to know how it should not work. The following example represents an ineffective e-mail. You are to analyze and revise it to improve its efficacy.

Assignment Requirements

To complete this assignment, you must:

  1. Review Lannon’s criteria or effective e-mail (410-415)

  2. Analyze and revise the following e-mail using those criteria

  3. Submit your revised version of the following e-mail through your WebCT account by the deadline specified on the assignment.

Example to Be Revised:

To: Supers and Leads


Lately, we have been missing laser repair files for our 16meg wafers. After brief investigation, I have found the main reason for the msising data.

Occasionally, some of you have wrongly probed the wafers under the correlate step and the data is then copied into the nonprod step using the Qtr Program. This is really stupid. When datas is copied this way the repair data is not copied. It remains under the correlate step.

To avoid this problem, first probe the wafers the right way.if a wafer must be probed under a different step. The wafer in the chnage file must be probed under a different step, the wafer in the change file must be renamed to the ** format.

Editing the wafer data file should be used only as a last resort. if this becomes a common problem. We could have more problems with invalid data that there are now.

Supers and leads: please pass this information along to those who need to know

Roger Vandenheuval

Your Revision:

To: Supervisors and Leaders

Subject: Missing laser repair files

Lately, we have been missing laser repair files for our 16mb wafers. After my investigation, I concluded that our problem lies in handling of the QTR program. Occasionally the wafers have been probed incorrectly while in the Correlate step, and this leads to data being copied to the Nonprod step. This is not good. Unfortunately this process keeps repair data from being copied. Since the laser repair files problem lies in use of the QTR program, here’s an outline of proper usage.

  1. Make sure you are in the right step.

  2. If you have reasons to probe in a step other than Correlate, please make sure to probe the change file in the same step. This will require the change file be renamed to the ** format.

  3. Please avoid manually editing the wafer data file. If the wafer data file is edited manually we could have more problems with invalid data. Because of this problem, and the importance of the wafer data file, I recommend the file only be edited as a last resort.

Supervisors and Leaders: Please pass this information to people who may be using the QTR program, or feel the need to edit the wafer data file.


Roger “Shouting Roger” Vandenheuval