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Welcome to AfterStep applets distribution home site. You will find here: some news and articles below on this page; the applet download directory contains all of the applets for all the versions I could get my hands on; you can look through the list of applets in either short form (only names and versions) or long form (with pictures and plenty of info).

The e-mail archives of both AfterStep Development mailing list and AfterStep User mailing list are kept at this site since 1998. You can go to the archive page to see the indexes and do the searches.

There is a couple of other things: a list of links to various AfterStep and applets related sites, the documentation on X Windows, mirror of the AfterStep FAQ and sound files to use for events in AfterStep.

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salmon updated

The applet salmon has been updated by the author. The public version jumped from 1.0.0 to 1.2.2 reflecting the number of changes and fixes.


asmon updated

The applet asmon has been updated by request from the Debian project. They received some bug reports against the 0.60 version and I did my best to fix the current version accordingly. The new version is 0.65 and is available for download.

For the reference, the Debian bug reports are:


salmon - a new resource monitor

A new digital resource utilization monitor salmon has been kindly released by Tricia Kirk to the community.

  • load averages
  • amount of free or used memory and swap space
  • memory in cache, buffers, and shared
  • number of processes
  • the load split between user, nice, system, and idle
  • the uptime
  • the current local time and universal time
  • the name of the local host
  • the phase of the moon

Thanks to Tricia Kirk for the work. Get salmon here or from the author's website.


asmon version 0.64

asmon has been updated to version 0.64. The updates are:

  • complete support for Linux kernel 2.6
  • dual CPU support

Thanks to Kurt Fitzner for the updates. Get asmon here.

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