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 Sunday 10 17 2004
I Rule - Posted by Bean at 03:23:53 (GMT -05:00)

I can fix every computer in the land! Or the world...


 Sunday 7 25 2004
MSC 817 - Ruh-roh! - Posted by Bean at 18:56:40 (GMT -05:00)

Oh, I am very sorry for the lack of news. I had to finish up a review for my friend Beowolf. Look for his website soon! Also, I have just felt really out of it this week. Anyways, I hopefully will get a review done tonight.

-PU has an excellent Mod Recruitment post.

-Monarch released his Navy mod, which is the first mod for UT2K4 that has boats! But...big ass boats with guns.

-DA forges on with development, coming out with a big release of info.

-BU has mountains of new stuff too.

-For the old school crowd, who remembers the Herzog Zwei mod? Well, it is back! And it is looking strong!

Bring Da Pain!


 Saturday 7 17 2004
MSC 816 - Sleepy Time! - Posted by Bean at 11:57:07 (GMT -05:00)

Yeargh...I installed my car stereo, and it was a mighty struggle...but I reign VICTORIOUS! interviewed Duffers, the golf mod. Who's watching the British Open? Lefty or Woods? I SAY CHOI! WTF...Levet just double bogeyed...

-I missed this. Maxed Out is on BU!

-Dude, it has been dead out there.

Zombie E-mail!


 Wednesday 7 14 2004
MSC 815 - Wha? - Posted by Bean at 19:47:12 (GMT -05:00)

Oh, I bet you thought I left already! Just lots going on. I got a couple mods ready to review, and I soon as finish ManHunt...

-Doom 3 gold. Expect no updates when I get that.

-In big news to me, Atlantis has officially ceased development. :(

-PU posted a piece listing all the mods that need help.

-BU has a MESS of news up there. Makes my job easy.



 Saturday 7 10 2004
MSC 814 - Spring Has Sprung (Not) - Posted by Bean at 17:38:48 (GMT -05:00)

Sorry about missing yesterday's update. I saw Anchorman (brilliant) and picked up Manhunt (horrific...and brilliant). So, as you can see, I was occupied. To the news mobile!

-Maximum Velocity Paintball reiterated their need for a coder. That means you, coder man.

-BU has exclusive Unreal Fortress Evolution screens. In exchange, they need team members. Oh yeah. I am jealous. I <3 Team Fortress!

-Out Of Hell has some amazing enemy pics and descriptions. When this mod is released, ooooh shiiiit!

-FileFront sat down with Frag.Ops, and now they are offering zero que servers! Yay! (Well, they should :( )

-LawDogs. Coder. You. Go.



 Thursday 7 8 2004
MSC 813 - Narf! - Posted by Bean at 22:23:08 (GMT -05:00)

Ah, the popular Narf headline. Always reliable. Anyways, I got a few e-mails on the Nobody Does It Better. I was listening to the Warren G/Nate Dogg it came up.

-New Catalyst drivers out.

-PU welcomed a new mod to their hosted sites: Dark Territory. We'll keep an eye on it!

-The Shattered Oasis forums have a thread about a wallpaper contest! the mod and make a wallpaper!

Next two were off BU:
-Rising Revenge needs team members of any skill! A rare SP mod, so check it out!

-Rocketeer, the Rocket Arena mod, released their latest Alpha. Rocket Arena UT ruled too hard, so hopefully, this will too!

I Make My Home In The West...


 Wednesday 7 7 2004
MSC 812 - Arr Matey! - Posted by Bean at 18:01:23 (GMT -05:00)

Pirates. They rule.

-Team Delta has some fantastic weapon renders. Bravo to them, and now they are on the watch list! Very impressive!

-I'll update with more news if I see any. :(

Or Send Me News?


MSC 811 - Midnight Train - Posted by Bean at 02:29:37 (GMT -05:00)

Again with the midnight updates. I really need to not be doing this.

-Hollow Moon REALLY needs a coder, at the risk of their mod ending. If you want to lend your talents to this excellent looking mod, E-mail them with your goods.

-Battle of the Sexes needs a coder for their mod.

-Unreal Boomtown interviewed the kids over at Atlantis. Look for an Atlantis review soon.

-UETF Chronicles released the latest Beta, 3, for UT2K3.

-Unreal Fortress: Evolution continues the rich tradition of the greatest mod of all time (oh yeah, that's right, TF). They need beta testers for their mod, and you really, really should apply.

-Chaotic Dreams released 3.01 of their uber-mod. ChaosUT2K4 review right here - Fucking awesome. 9. Easiest review ever.

-Deathball updated with some features to look for in the next release.

Nobody...does it better


 Tuesday 7 6 2004
MSC 810 - Glory - Posted by Bean at 02:31:57 (GMT -05:00)

We're keeping the train moving. Just slapped up another review. Unreal Demolition...highly recommended! I'll get another up ideally.

-Community hero, Raptor was interviewed concerning UT XMP. Score.

-Dude, CS:Source looks incredibly average.

-Third Helix is prettying up the latest version of Gem Feeder. This one is looking to be added to the review que.

-UnWheel the original vehicle mod, needs help porting vehicles over to 2K4.

-Also, ModSquad has loads of new reivew. Ch-ch-ch-check it out!

E-mail the Missing Beastie


 Sunday 7 4 2004
Ahh, ye olde Jailbreak - Posted by Nemephosis at 21:23:36 (GMT -05:00)

I love that mod. It's one of the few I go back to again and again. If it doesn't get at least a 9, I'm going to cry. And then probably start firing people. Well maybe not quite that far. :P

Seriously though Jailbreak is quite simply "the shit", as they put it.


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I Rule
MSC 817 - Ruh-roh!
MSC 816 - Sleepy Time!
MSC 815 - Wha?
MSC 814 - Spring Has Sprung (Not)
MSC 813 - Narf!
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MSC 811 - Midnight Train
MSC 810 - Glory
Ahh, ye olde Jailbreak

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