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To activate your GatorLink web space simply transfer prepared web pages to the GatorLink web server, You will need to supply your GatorLink username and password during this process. Your web pages are viewed by pointing your browser to

To transfer web pages use Internet file transfer software like WS-FTP or Fetch or other client software that supports the FTP protocol (e.g. Netscape Composer). WS-FTP (IBM PC) and Fetch (Macintosh) can be obtained on the UF Software CD. You cannot logon to using Telnet software.

The following are steps to prepare and transfer web pages to your GatorLink web space.

  1. A web page can be created in a variety of different ways.  You can use Netscape Composer, Microsoft FrontPage or other web page editor software. Your web page or pages are stored on your personal computer and transferred to your GatorLink web space for viewing by others. You can get started creating a simple page by referring to tutorials in the software. For an introduction to coding HTML, refer to the CIRCA Handout Getting Started with HTML. You can also take CIRCA Computer Training, CITT lesson (faculty or staff) or a Netg online course to get a quick start.
  2. Once your page has been created, save it somewhere on your computer.  Your initial web page should be named index.html. You may create additional web page files that are linked to from this file.
  3. File transfer (FTP) your newly created page to Netscape Composer and other HTML editors may have a publish option that transfers the files. Refer to the following links for instructions on how to use WS-FTP (IBM PC), Netscape Composer, or Fetch (Mac). Additional instructions are located on the UF Software CD.
  4. To transfer files using FTP you must connect to
  5. Find the index.html file on your computer and send it to
  6. Your new web page is located at

Last revision: May 17, 2001

For assistance, contact the UF Computing Help Desk:   (352) 392-HELP or

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