I was helped by my mom with a homeschool education through 12th grade. I had outside help from Florida Virtual School, Gainesville Community Christian Band, and Cornerstone sports.

In 2003 I started in College at SFCC. I decided my major to be Computer Science while in Highschool. Being able to keep up with progress, I plan to graduate with a 4 year CS degree in 2007.

Computer Experiences

In 1995, my parents bought a computer. In the following years I learned as much as I could from experimentation. The next two years, I used more dos, and learning command line essentials than anything else. Anything, but games that is.

In 1997 the family computer was becoming dated, and I wanted a computer of my own. Summer 97, I planned out the parts I would need, and went on to build my own computer. After about 2 months, it was done. Enter Windows 95. Early versions of windows taught me about basic GUI's. I learned the consequences of poor programming within Windows 95. Windows was not just bad at this time, it was down right aweful.

By 1999 I decided I'd had enough of win9x, and started trying Linux distributions. Mandrake 6 was the first version I was able to sucessfully install. After 6 months the Redhat based Mandrake started to show it's own problems. The most iritating was dependency hell in RPMS, and I'd pretty much decided that Mandrake didn't know what they were doing either.

Midway through 2000 I started using Slackware. Slackware was a breath of fresh air, although the OS did not automatically configure things, it was well documented. Instead of avoiding manual edits like in Mandrake and Redhat, Patrick Volkerdi would actually write out guidelines at the top of main config files. I liked Slackware's down to earth method which adressed problems more directly.

2000-2004 I still revered linux highly, but wanted to see other distros, and even some other unix. Setting itself apart from other unices FreeBSD provided good usability, but without any commercial support lacked the allure of Linux. I didn't like Debian's package system especially well, and packages weren't good enough to avoid compilation. I liked arch linux in it's early .5-.6 stages, but it wasn't polished enough. SuSE provided the best Redhat like experience, but I missed traditional filesystem structure.

2004-present I decided to keep Slackware. I'm finally confident enough to fix something myself if Patrick Volkerdi doesn't, that or spend my time somewhere else. I'll always work with someone's OS, but mine is Slackware.

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