Original Comic Book and Related Art Sale

(Updated 11-9-1999)

New listings: Travis Charest.  Now featuring a teeny bit less artwork for sale!  Yes, I finally got around to updating this page, so all the stuff I already sold has been removed.  For more art, feel free to check out my original comic art gallery.

The following is a list of original art I have for sale at the present time.  The format for listings is: artist - item: description and asking price.  All dimensions are given in inches unless otherwise indicated.  If you would like, feel free to make a counteroffer on any page you are interested in.

New stuff:

Travis Charest - Wildcats #1 p.4
Lovely hard-to-find detailed work from Travis Charest.  Incredible detail in the figures and architecture that doesn't show up in the scan.  $750.


Artwork for sale:

*SOLD* means it's been sold, it's gone, it's outta here!
*ON HOLD* means somebody wants it, and I'm waiting to see if the money shows up -- which it sometimes doesn't, so go ahead and tell me if you want it, and you're next on the list.
Rob Liefeld - New Mutants #87 p.6
This page is the very first appearance of Cable!  Rob even said so!  Make an offer.
Brian Stelfreeze - Storm color illo
Ink and watercolor pinup of Storm of the X-Men in a leather jacket and sexy bikini-like suit up among the clouds.  11x17.  $500.
Larry Stroman - Stryfe's Strike File p.21
Moira MacTaggart pinup.  Lush inks by Mark Farmer.  $150.

For ordering information, please contact me by e-mail at:  afn31010@afn.org

Thanks for looking through my list, and special thanks in advance to those who're helping me out by buying something!  I really appreciate it!

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