Amanda - Boston

Babe, tomorrow's so far away
There's somethin' I just have to say
I don't think I could hide
What I'm feelin' inside
Another day
Knowin' I love you

And I -- I'm gettin' too close again
I don't wanna see it end
If I tell you tonight
Will you turn out the light
And walk away
Knowin' I love you?

I'm gonna take you by surprise
And make you realize
I'm gonna tell you right away
I can't wait another day
I'm gonna say it like a man
And make you understand
I love you

And, I feel like today's the day
I'm lookin' for the words to say
Do you wanna be free
Are you ready for me
To feel this way?
I don't wanna lose ya

So it may be too soon I know
The feelin' takes so long to grow
If I tell you today
Will you turn me away
And let me go?
I don't wanna lose you


You and I -- I know that we can't wait
And I swear -- I swear it's not a lie girl
Tomorrow may be too late
You -- you and I girl -- we can share a life together
It's now or never
And tomorrow may be too late

And, feelin' the way I do
I don't wanna wait my whole life through
To say I'm in love with you

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