Ryan's Links

Well, here are a few links that I like. These are all my friends and relatives who all have their little spot on the web. So, go check them out. If you want yours on here, don't hesitate to email me. I've also included a few other links that I think are worthy enough to be put on this page. :)

  • Mokeys.org- This is a site created and maintained by my friend Ross Davis. Pretty cool.

  • MyProfessorSucks.com- Kasey Kerber and Ross Davis are responsible for this informative website.

  • The Masterplan.com- Here's a pretty cool unofficial Oasis website.

  • For all you Oasis fans, you can go check out their OFFICIAL web page by just clicking on the picture.

  • Celso Barriga's homepage. Here is one of my cousin's home page. He's a computer programer, and a damn good one too!!!
    More to come!!!