~Jish Mukerji #


Don't read many blogs
Those I read, I read often
Not just once a day

Half a dozen times
At least I visit them daily
Since I have no life

I stick to Blogger
Because I love it a lot
I love it so much

There's other reason
That may make you laugh out loud
I've a crush on Ev

Just a minor crush
But still a crush all the same
And my major crush?

I won't mention him
It will make you laugh louder
He deserves better

I write this haiku
Because I'm bored and sleepy
Now please excuse me

I need to go back
To my boring work routine
Can't wait to resign.

~Firda Beka #


It's cloyingly pink.
I *dare* you not to say, "Awwwww."
She's a girlie-girl.

~Laura Sosamon #


What a lot of 'blogs'
In that blog about blogging
blogs within this blog.

~* Frieza * #