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I live in Gainesville, Florida. Gainesville is home to the University of Florida. It is a pretty pleasant place to live. We claim to be "Tree City, USA". I am not sure if the claim is a valid one but we do have quite a number of trees.

Some people find our weather irritating. If you overlook the facts we are the lightening capital of the USA, have the highest humidity in the nation, compete with the Midwest for the greatest number of tornados, and tie with the Southwest for the highest temperatures, we really have pretty nice weather. Oh, there is hurricane season which should not be confused with the rainy season. Of course since Gainesville is located in North Florida we also have a relatively cold winter season. Yes, all in all, Gainesville has lovely weather.

Gainesville is primarily a University town. It has a large population of students (~45,000) compared to the year round residents (~100,000 including some students). Having such a large university here we have many of the advantages of a larger city without all of the problems since we have a fairly small base population.

One of the benefits of living with the university is the Alachua County Freenet where this home page is stored.

Another benefit is having a vet school right here in town. The University of Florida Veterinary Teaching Hospital is located in Gainesville. They do not require a referral for patients at their small animal clinic as some vet schools do. Our furry and feathered kids used to go there for general healthcare. They accept injuried wildlife for treatment and release. I would not recommend their onocology service.

As you saw I live with a number of different critters. The number and species of animals in our household is fairly fluid. In their younger years both Sasha and Pixie frequently brought home small animals which we housed until they could be released back to a suitable environment or taken in to the vet for more intensive nursing. Occassionally we also have foster pets which are looking for new homes or visiting pets who are not suitable for boarding.

Jeff and I have no human children. Our pets are our family.

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