Roger is a rescue rabbit. He is just over two years old. He is a colored like a sooty point with a few broken brown (silver dollar sized spots on his rear. He is a registered Holland lop. He was abused by his former owners. Now he is neutered, healthy and happy.

Roger was used as a stud before he came to live with us. He was never handled. He arrived emaciated. His previous owners had let him go because he was in such bad shape he would no longer perform for them.

It took us several months to put weight on him. We also handled him quite a bit during that time to get him used to people. We exposed him to the rest of our pets so that he would be able to interact with them without being stressed. As soon as he was feeling better we took him to the vet to be neutered.

Neutering pet bunnies is very important. Unneutered rabbits mark their territory with urine and feces. They "hump" everything. They are aggressive. These are not just a problem with male unneutered rabbits but with female as well. After neutering rabbits make loving pets.

Pet sharing is something that Roger had to learn to accept. Pet sharing means that Roger goes in the car to a nursing home to visit with the elderly residents. At first he was not very happy with this experience, but he has learned that it is fun. He now enjoys snuggling with residents. All of the quiet petting is something he has learned to relish.

Ariel is the love of Roger's life. He thinks that he is the most exciting thing he has ever seen. He follows him everywhere must to Ariel's disgust. When his cage is in a position where he can see Ariel he pushes his face against the bars and all but drools while watching him.

Roger is house broken. He uses his litter box exclusively since he has been neutered. He loves being able to run around the house. He does not go anywhere slowly. Roger has only two speeds - fast and stopped.

Pixie seems to really enjoy watching him. She will follow him around. She knows he is off limits but I think she is dreaming of what a good toy he would make.

Sasha thinks he is great too. She loves to chase him around the room. When he finally stops she cleans his head for him. Roger is not as enthusiastic about doggie flea biting as Ariel. He accepts it but does not ask for it.

On December 6, 1995 at 10:00 am Roger was taken to the UF Vet School because he was listless. He was placed in an oxygen cage. He was given intervenous fluids and antibiotics. At 12:37pm he went into cardiac arrest while he was being examed preparatory to giving him another dose of fluids. Rescitation failed. Roger is now at the <return> to bunny index

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