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Jeff is my significant other. I think he is pretty significant. He is a really nice guy who does not complain when I bring home strays. He is very mellow about it. In fact he is pretty laid back about most things.

Jeff is tall (6'4"), dark (brown eyes and dark brown hair), and handsome. He is also very taken.

By profession Jeff used to be a computer programmer. Then he decided to become an IT auditor. He is now an internal IT audit manager.

Jeff is an active member of several community organizations (Read more about his community service.). He is a board member for the Gainesville Amateur Radio Society, the repeater manager for the Gator Amateur Radio Club, a member of South East Search and Rescue, the Alachua County RACES officer, the local ARES coordinator, and a member of the Greater Gainesville Dog Fanciers Association. Not bad for a computer nerd eh? In his spare time he enjoys radio controlled planes.

Being a swell guy Jeff can usually be found at ring side of dog events in which I am participating. He is my chief "gopher". This is of course why I keep him around. Not many people are willing to experience the joy of dealing with me when I am getting ready to go in the ring and come back a second time. Jeff is generally very supportive of my efforts.

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