Gidgett Goes to Gainesville, CGC

Picture of Gidgett in the UF Homecoming Parade Gidgett is currently the baby of our poodles. She is a registered toy poodle. She was born September 10, 2002. She is coal black.

Gidgett came to us to do performance events since Sasha was getting up in years. I wanted athletic. I got athletic. Gidgett dreams of being a cross country runner. For her it is definitely the chase. When she catches up to the object she is chasing, she simply stops to see if it will run again. As a puppy we used to all (the poodles, Jeff, and I) sit in the family room to watch her run from one end of the house to the other and back. It was like watching a tennis match. She is extremely fast. If I did not know her bloodlines, I would swear a greyhound snuck into her lines.

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Susan Ann Tipton, Gainesville, Florida, USA / furrykids @t