Merry Christmas Shannon! 

To view your special Christmas present, 
download here. 

If you'd like sound, too, click here.(Small .midi file. Please download)  Note: To save to your disk, right cick and select "Save Link As" - if you simply click the link, it will play! You probably should save the midi to a floppy since the progam will try to locate it on the A drive.

Unless you have access to a PC and MS OFfice Power Point 97, you'll need the Point Point viewer for the Mac. Hopefully, you can get it at the following page: PPT Viewer for the Mac which I've provided for you. It's in Japanese, but MS seems to have removed their English download page for this item. The download link is at the bottom of the page. If you don't have any success with that link, try here.

Another possibility is here. The link on this page will take you to a ftp directory. Download the PowerPoint.sea.hqx file. Think that's the one.

If you manage to get the viewer, it may be an old version and in that case, you'll need a converter - which I've thoughtfully provided for you. Click here for the converter.
If it doesn't download properly, you can get it at (hope it works!).

Hope you enjoy the presentation.

Note: To view the slides using the viewer, run setup, then open the viewer, open the ppt file you downloaded, then clcik on "Show". To change slides, press the space bar.

Have a Happy Holiday.