Merry Christmas Danny and Kathy: 

To view your special Christmas present, 
download here. 

If you'd like sound, too, click here. (Small .midi file, please download)  Note: To save to your disk, right cick and select "Save Link As" - if you simply click the link, it will play! You may have to save the midi file to a floppy since the program will probably look on the A drive to locate it.

Unless you have Power Point 97, you'll need the a Point Point viewer which I've provided for you. Click link to download. 

Hope you enjoy the presentation.

Note: To view the presenation in Power Point, open your downloaded file, select "View" from menu bar, then select "Slide show". To change slides, hit the space bar. Using the viewer, first run setup, then open the Viewer, open the ppt file you downloaded and click "Show".

Merry Christmas to both of you,