Stephen Perkins
   St. Augustine, FL

R E A L   E S T A T E

Introducing Stephen Perkins

Stephen fell in love with St. Augustine when he first saw it, twenty years ago. Since then, he has been a resident and his love for the city has not diminished!

He has thoroughly studied St. Augustine's history. His knowledge of the city is impressive and it helps him in his profession. But, of course, Stephen's real passion is homes and real estate!

Stephen loves the town's outstanding natural beauty and it is his love of nature which makes him especially senstive to a home's natural environment.

Over the years, Stephen has purchased many pieces of land for himself and then sold it for a profit. Over a decade ago, Stephen saw the potential of Flagler Estates and started buying lots for the future. He sold every single one of them! A well-known realtor in town said once that, "Stephen has an uncanny knowledge of land and it's future value."

Stephen's unusual, personal style and knowledge makes him unique in the real estate profession!

If you are planning to buy a home, lot, or commercial property in St. Augustine and are looking for a realtor, find the professional with a unique style, find Stephen Perkins!

Stephen can not only find you a dream home, he knows how to get you all the permits that you need for building, renovating, and buying!

          Stephen Perkins is the professional to chose for your first or last home!