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What Is Canned Hunting?

  Canned hunting operations, also referred to as "shooting preserves" or "game ranches," are private trophy hunting facilities that offer their customers the opportunity to kill exotic and native animals that are trapped within enclosures.

Who Are the Victims?

The animals killed in canned hunts may come from private breeders, animal dealers, or even zoos. These animals are frequently hand-raised and bottle fed, so they have lost their natural fear of people. In many facilities, the animals expect to be fed at regular times by familiar
people—and the shooters will be there waiting for them.

Semi-tame animals make easy targets, so canned hunt operators can offer their customers a guarantee of, "no kill-no pay." The animals are guaranteed something as well—that there will be no escape.

Big Business

Canned hunting is a lucrative and expanding industry. It is estimated that more than 1,000 captive mammal hunting operations are operating in at least 28 states. Several factors feed into that expansion: The overbreeding of captive exotic animals, the desire by some hunters with plenty of cash for a quick and easy kill, and the incentive to bag exotic mammals provided by Safari Club International's "Introduced Trophy Game Animals of North America" trophy hunting achievement award.

Endanged Species

Amazingly, some ranches offer endangered species to it's clients. And the federal govenment says it's OK! The Bush administration granted a special exemption to hunting ranches, removing protection for certain endangered animals - so long as they give 10% of profits to conservation. Pay for killing endangered species and it's just fine!


Killing fenced-in, tame animals is NOT HUNTING!! It is slaughter and should be banned in all states!

Text from HSUS

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