... offering piano lessons in Gainesville, Florida


If you are interested in piano lessons, email Wanda Louie at wlpiano@cox.net


Welcome to my piano studio located in Gainesville, Florida! I teach private piano lessons to students ages 5 through 18 from beginning to advanced levels. Individualized curriculum includes piano performance, written theory, ear training, sight reading, and technical skills.

Weekly private lessons are 30, 45, or 60 minutes in length depending on the student's age and level.  I also offer group lessons periodically throughout the year.

Students participate in FPM Sonata - Sonatina Festival, FFMC Junior Festival at the district level and state level, and FSMTA District III Student Day. Other performance opportunities include GMTA recitals, studio recitals, District III Concerto competition, FPM Musical Marathon and Betsy Schnell auditions.