Problems with Recycling


1.                Recycling takes time to sort and dump items.  Usually, this also means a loss of finances somewhere.  Someone has to be paid for the time it takes to sort the items.


2.                Items have to be dry.  Paper cannot get wet, because people do not want to deal with it then.  On the same note, people are less willing to dump aluminum cans that still have liquid in them.


3.                A convenient location has to be made for bins.  This also includes recycling dumpsters.  The space a container takes could mean a few less parking places.  Also, this location must be in a suitable place that people will actually use. 


4.                There has to be a large enough supply of recyclable goods for a company to pick it up.  Individual recycling firms determine the amount needed for such a supply.


5.                Large companies need to see some economic or other type of gain by recycling.  Usually, however, recycling only allows large companies to break even.  However, by recycling, they lessen the load of garbage needed to be hauled away to a dump and therefore avoid other costs (Burkhardt).  The community sometimes looks well upon recycling companies.