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The University of Tampa is located near downtown Tampa adjacent to the Hillsborough River.The private liberal arts college has a low student/faculty ratio allowing for student voices to be heard.As part of a required freshman class entitled, Environmental Issues in Contemporary Societies, Sara Shackelford, Vanessa Crimmins, and Barbara Little built this webpage in hopes to teach UT students, faculty and staff growing concerns about recycling on the campus.





Concerns Addressed


*††††††† Definitions of terms

*††††††† The 4 Rís of recycling

*††††††† Benefits of recycling

*††††††† Problems with recycling

*††††††† What about recycling at UT?

*††††††† What can I do to help?

*††††††† Interesting Environmental Facts

*††††††† Bibliography

*††††††† Special Thanks



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††††††††††† Sara Shackelford ††††††††††††††††††††

††††††††††† Vanessa Crimmins ††††††††††††††††††

††††††††††† Barbara Little††††††††††††††††††††††† ††





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