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Name : Trent Sherman

Age : 37

I am the youngest son of two children born to Henry and Lydia Sherman.

My brother is Todd Sherman.

We were raised in Ocean Grove, N.J., but moved down to Florida in 1974.


Again I'm working as a Medical Ward/Unit Clerk (again!) for the Malcolm Randall Veteran's Medical Center (MRVMC) the last 3 years now (Total 6). MRVMC was previously known as the Gainesville Veteran's Administration Medical Center (GVAMC).

Worked for the Howard County General Hospital (HCGH) in Columbia, Maryland. I've was at this job for 7 months as a Unit Secretary for the Nursing Service on the IMC/2South Ward (Other areas, as needed).

I worked as a Medical Ward/Unit Clerk working for the Gainesville Veteran's Administration Medical Center (GVAMC) in Gainesville, Florida for 3 1/2 years, where I lived. This is also where I did volunteer work for this hospital back when I was 15 or 16 and gave them over 50 hours of service.


1. 2 Years of College - Accounting/Data Processing at Webster College. I took this so as to have a background for running a business of my own, without having to depend on others to do my accounting work. I never took this course so as to run an accounting business; I just wanted to be secure in the knowledge that I could run a business correctly, wisely..and. of course..profitably!

2. I spent 7 Years in the U.S. Naval Service. I was originally 4 & 2, but turned my reserve time into active service, then extended for another year after that. I spent 2 years stationed on Santo Stefano Island (NATO Site) in LaMaddelena, Sardinia, Italy. Ship there at that time (1982-1984) was the U.S.S. ORION (AS-18). I was working for the Port Services Division. I was a Boat Coxswain (MIC-8) that was moored along-side a floating barge that was next to the ORION. We were responsible for all the dependant runs, garbage and donut moves and mooring ships/subs to the pier/along ships, etc. We used MIC-8 (LCM) Boats (75 footers), that were really converted ramp boats that Marines used to get onto the beaches with during war. Only, we converted these into a 99 seat capacity transports (with a roof) so as dependants could get from Island to Island and to the NATO Site Commissary.

This is where I learned the in's and out's of Seamanship and handling the weather, "rules of the road" (Coxswain), knot tying, engineering, LAN work, bilges, understanding Radar/Tracking, etc. Because of this and having this only made me want (someday) to operate along the coast. I've always loved boating! After that tour of duty, I was stationed onboard the U.S.S. Spruance (DD-963) for the remainer of duty till my EAOS. We toured the Med Coast to ports such as Spain, Italy, Halifax/Nova Scotia, Finland, Suez Canal to Kuwait (I presume you all know why..ahem) and Africa. I would love to meet up with my friends some day. I don't have pictures of everyone, I apoligize, but please tell them they were mentioned here and maybe we'll meet someday again soon! :)

Onboard the U.S.S. Spruance (DD-963):

SM3 Taylor and BM3 Lafayette Wright.

Also: Capt. Gottchalk (Spruance Captain),

BMC Gomez (1st Div),

BM3 Ron Apt (Port Services),

BM3 Rebello (Port Services),

BMSN Chaney (Port Services),

BM2 Hugh (Spruance)...

...and the whole Spruance Helo Fire Party Crew I worked with and the Helo Squadron ( I have photos of all the helo fire party in this one, I just have to get around to scanning them and posting them here.)


My Hobbies mostly have to do with computers. Computers have been a part of me for the last 12 years. From the TI-99a, Commodore 64/128's, and now the all-too familiar... IBMs. I build computers as a hobby and love it ebery time I upgrade one. Other than that, I enjoy tinkering with a wide variety of Electronics. Household repairs/upgrades (Keep me away from the fuse box though! Other than knowing how to turn switches on and off on one, I don't know the first thing on what I am supposed to do to repair the internals (guts) of one of these), Auto Electronics, and all sorts of stuff. If it's electronic..I'll play with it! :) I also enjoy working with Linux and chatting through the InterNet IRC.


My Interests include Boating, Swimming, Volleyball, Horse Back and Camping.

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