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part 5

Scribed by Jay "Saruman" McIntyre, Internetted by Lillith "Galadriel" Skye Rael

     "Meep...meep...meep, meep, meep." The Iszes chanted as The Doctor 
and Joel led them on with their instruments.  Ace followed after, 
laughing helplessly, while further behind, the Maxx trudged forward, not 
looking nearly so amused.

     The Doctor looked ahead, and saw that they were coming to a 
crevasse, a deep gouge in the land.  There were trees growing out of it.  
While still keeping time with one hand, he pointed with the other.  
Between toots on the recorder, Joel nodded.

     They reached the crevasse and stepped aside, while still playing. 
The Iszes continued forward, not noticing the crevasse.

     "Meep...meep..meeeeeeeeeeee......" they cried as they fell, rank by 
rank, into the crevasse.

     "Wicked, Professor!" Ace exclaimed.  "What now?"

     The Doctor looked beyond the crevasse, and saw, in the distance, 
what looked to be a city.  "Maxx, do you recognize that?" he asked, 
pointing to it.

     The Maxx stared at it for a few moments.  "No, I do not.  Nor do I 
understand what it is doing in the land I protect."

     "That's Prrrrobably the source of the trouble, then, and probably 
what brought Ace, Joel, and myself here," the Doctor said.

     "Plot convenience theatre," Joel muttered.

     "Only too true, I'm afraid," the Doctor agreed.  "The enemy 
probably wants us to go there.  But we have no choice.  Is there any way 
around this ravine?" he asked Maxx.

     "It would take many days," replied the Maxx.  "But it is deep, and 
travelling through it is dangerous."

     "Oh, I'm sure we'll manage. Danger's an old friend of mine." the 
Doctor said cheerily.  Ace rolled her eyes at this, but got out her 
ladder and let it down into the depths.

     Meanwhile, on the Sattelite of Love, Mike Nelson lay unconscious in 
the docking bay.  The rocket that had brought him there was already on 
it's way back to Earth.  The three robots crowded over him.

     "The new guy," said Crow and Gypsy together.

     "Leave him here," said Servo, "He'll be awake soon enough."  So 
they tromped out of the room, not noticing Mike fade away behind them...

     The stranger's head snapped upwards, and he cursed.  "I left the 
portal to the Sattelite open, and now another human has fallen through 

     Gone looked thoughtful.  "Perhaps we can turn this to our 
advantage.  Have your minion tie him up."

     In the Labirynth, Mike faded in again, still knocked out.  Out of 
the shadows, a stooped, staggering figure limped towards him.

     "The m-master wants you bound," said Torgo apologetically, and he 
began to wrap Mike in Christmas tree lights.

     The ladder only reach about a third of the way down the crevasse.  
The Doctor, going first, was trying to find a hand hold.

     "Perhaps you should hurry them along," sugested the stranger to Mr. 
Gone, who smiled evilly.

     A white isz turned black, then charged towards the bag that Ace's 
ladder came out of, and knocked it into the crevasse. Ace, the Doctor, 
Joel, and the Maxx screamed as they began to fall...