Plotter: Jay McIntyre Schemer: Lillith Skye Rael

          The Maxx was doing well, too well for the Toymaker's liking.  
He looked at Gone, who undersood.  Together, they summoned Orcs and Isz 
to the pool.  Most jumped into the water and attacked the Maxx, but a 
few came around the side of the pool.  The Doctor, in front, had to face 
them alone.

          He fended them off with his umbrella, popping an Isz and 
causing the Orc behind it to fall into the pool.  "Your bat, Ace," he 
called.  It was passed up the line, and with he he bashed the remaining 
Orc and Isz senseless, and into the pool.

          The traversed to the other side with some difficulty, then 
looked at the pool.  There was no movement; only the corpses of Orcs, 
Isz, and the sharklike creatures.  The water was black with their 
combined body fluids.

           "Maxx?"  called Ace sadly, not really expecting an answer.

           For a moment, there was nothing.  Then a claw thrust out 
ofthe water.  Maxx swam slowly to their side of the pool.  Mike and Joel 
helped him get out.

           "Are you all right?"  asked Mike.

           Maxx was bleeding from several shallow wounds, but it was 
clear he was not seriously harmed.  "I will survive," he said wearily.

           "Good, then let's go," said the Doctor, and led them into the 
next room, which was Gone and the Toymakers' command center...