part 20

McRael's--over 70 trillion served.

     Mike exited the football stadium, crossed a pathway of the 
Labyrinth, and entered the Pac-Man maze from the other side.

     The Doctor used his umbrella to jam Pac-Man's mouth open.  "We need 
to get out," he said.

     Pac-Man crunched the umbrella like a twig and came after them.

     Mike turned a corner and saw a ghost.

     "Poltergeist you ain't," he remarked, and then ran like mad.

     Orcs entered the Pac-Maze.

     "They're all in there," muttered Gone.

     "It'll be over soon," gloated the Toymaker.  Gone eyed him 
uneasily, thinking he was underestimating them, but said nothing.  Time 
enough to turn on him later.

     Pac-Man chased the Doctor's party to the chamber where the Ghosts 
reformed themselves.  He did not enter, but as they dashed in they saw 
why; three Ghosts waited for them.

     Maxx shredded one, Ace baseball-batted another.  The third came for 
Joel, who grabbed it's sheet and whipped it off.

     "Indecent exposure!"  Joel shouted, and Ace laughed.  Slowly, the 
Ghost reformed.

     Pac-Man had moved on, so they dashed back out, the ghosts hot on 
their heels.

     Mike ran into one of the larger power dots, turned around, and 
clobbered his Ghost.

     "Yo, Adrian!"  He called hoarsely in a bad Rocky immitation.  "I'm 
a Ghostbuster!"

     He dashed around the corner and saw the Doctor's party...


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