Part 19

McIntyre and Rael, fanfic attorneys at law.

     Then Ace and Joel gasped together as they realized it was a Pac Man 
video game maze.

     "He's trapped us in Pacland," Joel whispered disbeleivingly.

     "Let's try some other way," Ace urged, but when they turned back, 
the arch had vanished, as the Doctor had suspected.

     "No matter," said the Doctor brightly, "A simple mathematical 
forrrrrmula will avail us to get through--" he was interrupted by a 
ghost coming round the corner.  "Maybe not!"  he cried, as they leaped 
aside to avoid it...all of them, that is, except Maxx.  He stabbed 
forward, right between the ghost's eyes.  It's sheet fluttered to the 
ground, and it's disembodied eyes fled away.

     "I think we should let the Maxxinator go first," Joel suggested 
eagerly.  The Doctor nodded.

     Mike leaped sideways, and the football players crashed into the 
Orcs.  He ran around, and was halfway through the exit, when he found 
his way blocked by another Orc.  It pointed it's spear at him and 

     Torgo reached the Center of the Labyrinth.  Gone and the Toymaker 
were already there.  

     "Activate the monitors," Gone commanded, and Torgo obeyed, showing 
where the players were.

     "Not long now," said the Toymaker.

     Mike grabbed the spear and yanked it away from the astonished Orc, 
and thwaked it between the legs with it.  The Orc made a squeaking 
sound, a strange look on it's face, then collapsed.  Mike sprinted on.

     Maxx led the Doctor's troupe on and on, through the pac man maze. 
So far they had only faced one additional ghost.  The Doctor was 
beginning to think they'd get through this part without further 
incident, when they came face to face with Pac-Man.

     Mike exited the football stadium, crossed a pathway of the 
Labyrinth, and entered the Pac-Man maze from the other side...