Part 16

Jay McIntyre: Cheap Hack Lith: Web-weaver

     They walked slowly away, until Kalador found an arch.  They stepped 
through, and found themselves in a Tom and Jerry cartoon.  Tom was 
chasing Jerry around the corner.  They were Jerry-sized, of course.  The 
arch they had come through was Jerry's mouse hole.

     "This Toymaker is one sick puppy,"  Joel observed.

     "I've seen worse," the Doctor replied absently.  "We've got to find 
another mouse hole to get out of here."
     Joel looked at Ace.  "He's seen *worse*?"

     She grimaced.  "Ask me about Fenric sometime," she said, "And this 
Gone fruitcake he's hitched with sounds no flyweight either."

     "He is a formidable opponent," agreed Maxx.

     "Let us go!"  Urged Kalador, and at that moment Tom and Jerry came 
round the corner again.

     Mike slid down the left hand chute, faster and faster.  Two of the 
marbles, the black and red ones, followed him.  It finally emptied out 
into a small room.  He leaped out of the chute's path.  The black 
marble's momentum carried it on, but the red one turned and attemped to 
crush him against the wall.  He leaped away just in time, and it smashed 
itself so hard into the wall that it was jammed.  Shaken, Mike took the 
right hand exit, and came to a room filled with acid slime pools...that 

     Gone brooded from the high observation point.  They were doing far 
too well; none of them had died yet.  The Orcs had yet to reach them, 
and at the rate they were going, they would cross paths with the other 
human, Mike, soon enough.  What else could he do to make things 
difficult?  He continued to brood.

     Kalador sliced Tom's foot, which held him up.  Then they ran for 
the mouse hole Jerry was making for.  They shot through.  Jerry stared 
at them as they passed, but made no other sign.  A few feet further, and 
they stepped back into the labyrinth.

     Mike danced between the moving acid pools, and came to the exit of 
the Marble Madness game...but there was a green marble blocking the way.

     The Doctor had chosen their direction, left, with a divining rod 
from his pockets.  Without warning, Orcs came suring round the corner...