Part 15

Concieved and Directed by Jay McIntyre HTMLized by the woman, the myth, the legend, Lith

     Immediately, the doors slammed open, and Orcs surged out, knocking 
Torgo down.  They divided into smaller and smaller groups, each one 
selecting different corridors.

("Corridors" chuckled Benny when they told her later.  The Doctor made a 
face at her.)

     Mike encountered one almost immediatley, a group of three of them.  
He dashed through a door, into one of Gone's "improved areas". Iszes 
lunged for him.  He ducked, then ran pell-mell for the other end.  The 
Orcs followed him in, and began fighting the Isz.  Mike dashed through 
the other side, gasping, and immediately went sliding down a chute.

     The Doctor and company made it to the end of the entry foyer.  
There were three doors before them.

     "It's Let's Make A Deal!" Joel exclaimed brightly.  "We can take 
the four thousand dollar envelope, or go for certain death behind door 
number one!"

     "You watch too much tv, mate," Ace told him.

     "You have *no* idea," replied Joel in a bad Jeremy Irons imitation.

     "In our case," the Doctor replied, "We will take doorrrrrrr 
numberrr thrrrree."  Trilling thusly, he opened the right hand door.  
They stepped through, onto a vast green plain.  But the plain was not 
grass; it was more like felt.

     The door slammed shut behind them.  Ace tried to open it, but it 
wouldn't budge.  Maxx and Kalador attacked it with sword and claw, but 
no dice.

     "Figures," said Joel.

     They began advancing over the plain, looking for a way out.  In the 
distance, they could see the same kind of high brown wall that had been 
on this side of the door.

     Joel's face went white. "It's a giant pool table!"  Even as he 
spoke, billiard balls came rolling towards them.

     Mike came to the end of the chute.  He saw that it was a nexus of 
several chutes, with no normal passageways.

     *I beleive you called this game 'Marble Madness',* telepathed the 
Toymaker.  *All you have to do is get to the bottom without being 
squashed by the marbles.*

     Three marbles appeared at the top of the chute above Mike, and 
started rolling towards him.  Yelling in fear, he took a left hand chute 
and started to slide again.

     The Doctor's party was running towards the corner pocket of the 
giant table, the eight ball in hot pursuit.

     "Behind the Eight Ball," panted Joel.

     The leaped down into the corner pocket.  The drop was not far, and 
they hurriedly cleared the landing zone as the Eight ball came crashing 
down behind them.  It cracked down the middle and split in half.

     They walked slowly away, until Kalador found an arch.  They stepped 
through, and found themselves in a Tom and Jerry cartoon...