Part 14

Jay McIntyre: Hard-Core Whovian Lith: Great Gabrielite

    Ace and Maxx found an entrance, not far to the right of where they'd 
come up.  It was a door, closed, the frame so thin as to almost be 

    Ace called the others over.  "I've no nitro to blow the door," she 
said sadly.

     "We've blown enough things up already, I think," said the Doctor, 
"Besides, as I said, they want us inside.  There must be a way."

     Maxx and Kalador kept suggesting brute force, the Doctor arguing it 
must be a pattern of some sort.  As they argued, Joel stepped forward 
and pushed...and the door opened inwards.

     The Doctor blinked, Maxx and Kalador stared.  Ace grinned.

     "A door is a door is a door," he said, not smirking or jesting.  
Sheepishly, they followed him in.

     There was a wide entrance hall.  No one greeted them.

     "Show yourself, Toymaker!" the Doctor shouted.

     "Gone!  Coward!"  Maxx bellowed.

     There was no answer.  Slowly, they advanced.  The Doctor tugged out 
a tracker and scanned the hall with it.  No traps came up.

     "It's quiet," said the Doctor.

     "Too quiet," said Joel, trying not to laugh.

     Kalador drew his sword, Ace pulled out her Hand of Omega-powered 
baseball bat, and Maxx raised his claws.  Slowly, they advanced.

     Mike raced down the hallway, the pawn still chasing him.  Both were 
tiring, but Mike was tiring faster.  He ducked through an archway, into 
a cavernous room, a bridge spanning it.  At the other end, an old man 
stood.  Mike, knowing his Monty Python, stopped imediately, and 
sidestepped.  The pawn went charging past.

      "Stop!" the oldster barked.  The pawn tripped, then halted.

     "What is your name?"  the oldster gargled.

     "Marcus," the pawn managed.

     "What is your quest?"

     "Uh..." Marcus began, but never finished, as he was flung screaming 
into the abyss.  Mike dashed back out before the old man could speak to 

     Torgo and his cheesy music went down a dark and stinky hallway, 
where even the Isz never went.  There were grunts and snarls behind a 
high wrought-iron gate.  Nervously, stepping to the right, Torgo loosed 
the bolt.  Immidiately, the doors slammed open, and Orcs surged out...