part 13

Plotted and Schemed by Jay McIntyre. Web Propoganda by Lith.

     Gone grinned.  "Let them come.  We are more than ready for them." 
     "More than ready," agreed the Toymaker.  He turned and looked out 
of the high observation tower they were in, from which all of the 
Labyrinth could be viewed.  "Yes, I think we'll finish the Doctor and 
his friends this time."

     "And with them the Maxx, and my work on Julie will be 
unobstructed," Gloated Gone.

     Mike dashed between the chess pieces.  Suddenly, a ripple went 
through them, and they transformed into actual people.  A knight came 
charging for Mike, swinging his sword.  He raced for the edge of the 
maze, but a pawn tripped him up with a spear.  He fell on his back.  The 
knight loomed over him, sword raised.  Mike kicked the knight in the 
crotch, but only hurt his feet against the armor.  But the force of the 
blow knocked the knight back.  The pawn lunged with his spear. Mike 
grabbed it, and flipped him over the edge.  Then he jumped over himself, 
narrowly avoiding a King's attack.  

     He landed safely in the Labyrinth.  Unfortunately, so had the pawn, 
who began chasing him with his spear.

     The Doctor and company reached the top of the cliff, helped up by 
the Maxx.  The Labyrinth's outer wall was not far away, but vast; it 
streched to the horizon in either direction.

     "We're in one of the movies David Bowie tried to act in," 
complained Joel, but the others looked at him blankly.

    "How d'you reckon we get in?"  Ace asked.

     "Don't worry, they're'll be an entrance somewhere," said the Doctor 
gloomily.  "They want us inside."

     "Then shouldn't we, like, *not* go in?"  Asked Joel.

     "Coward!"  Maxx and Kalador shouted together.

     "Caution is the better part of valour," the Doctor said, "But 
unfortunately we have to stop them, so we must go in.  Search for an 
entrance, every one."  They all scattered, except for Joel.

     "We've split up like they do in every horror movie," he mused, 
"even though we know better!"  He shruged and began searching himself.

     The Celestial Toymaker and Mister Gone looked down from their high 

     "They are resourcefull and cunning, even the one who is already 
within," said Gone.  "They need extra difficulties, I think."

     "Right you are," the Toymaker agreed.  "Torgo!  Release the Orcs!"

     "Y-yes, m-m-master," said Torgo, hurrying away with his cheesy 

     "I hate that," Gone muttered.

     Ace and Maxx found an entrance...