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Well, some of my stuff is down at the moment, thanks to NBCi pulling the plug on its users with no official notification. I'm trying out Fateback for starters, and the two main image archives are back online there. Decepticonsort is back up too. Woohoo!
Here we find some Lilywhite fanart and a couple shiny new characters, some screen caps, links, soundfiles and animations.

Hi. I'm Razormoon, great to see you here. I'm just stepping out with Starscream- We'll be back in a few minutes.

Hi again.

Starscream's off looking for Megs- I've got a few minutes. *ahem* Hello, my name is Razormoon, what's yours?

...I said, what's yours?

Stupid terminal. I'll have Soundwave look at it later. *sigh*

I overhauled the image archives. They have lovely bandwith-devouring thumbnail indexes now. Oh, and there are a bunch more pictures. Well, *some* more pictures.

But why should I tell you everything when there are others devoting so much energy to keeping you informed? OK, I shall not be the only TF site with no TF relevant links.. Here they are.

Heheh.. well, here's where I used to have a link to Bigbot.com. I'd been meaning to remove it for a while due to Renaud's refitting of the links page into a money-grubbing engine. But now he's really pissed me off. Just click on the image for the reasons why.

Well, on with the links.
Charl's Homepage, with a linked index of all Transformers fanfic on the web!
Iggy Drougge's most wonderful and cool place, inobtrusively named the Transformers web page.. AKA More than meets the eyes! It's a great all-around site with most of the best links, organized simply for easy access. Also the home of a fair-sized media archive.
SAM's Trans-Online, a first-class visual site with great original comics and graphic art!
Guido Guidi's Transformers, good lord, go and look at his artwork! It's awesome!
How could a Decepticon site be complete without a link to Raksha's page? Containing amongst other wonderful things her Soundwave Tribute, which is keen as Sounder is keen.. Go for the fanfic. Stay for the essays :)
ok, a couple of links I don't have permission for- Alex Bickmore's Super Toy Archive entry for TFs, including wierd stuff like this and concept artwork..
Walkertron's TransFormer Stuff, with some fun writing and cartoonish fanart:)

Transformers: World's Worst, the best Transformers website... EVER.

My Cobra page, home of a few soundfiles, the place to go for pictures you can use to blackmail Cobra Commander, Destro and Serpentor.
My want list, if you're unloading :)
A few letters now, but I want more! Drop me a line, eh? Perhaps I can draw your character for you or something..
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