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Curious about nearly all the Gainesville Bands, Past and Present?
Check out: The Gainesville Band Family Tree

Small Sampling of my Interests


Bands, Past and Present

The Band of Fools.

a partying kinda band I am fortunate to be a part of

Plastic Age

Herein you may see photos of the legendery band
and download small snippets of the Plastic Age CD

in wav format, for now

Crash Pad

Another local phenomenon, Crash Pad plays regularly about Gainesville

My 3D Creations


no frames


Check out some Classical Music MIDI Files

Local Poetry, etc

Ron Palovcik

Tom Miller

Jim Valvis

Christy Sheffield Sanford


Curious about Gainesville's Weather?

Space Stuff

Here's a cool NASA site. See the Picture of the Day.

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