Band 0f Fools

A Little History:

The Band of Fools was formed circa 1982 and have been performing intermittently ever since. Orignally composed of five musicians, they were often joined by a trio of backup vocalists known as the Toadettes. The band mostly performed party gigs at the "Pit" which was the home of three band members and one Toadette. The band's most notable gig occurred in a downtown Gainesville bar then known as The New Reality Kitchen. There they opened for Atoms for Peace and performed before thousands of screaming fans - or at least several hundred. No evidence remains of this historic event. Although a tape recorder was utilized, it was inadvertently switched to "radio" mode, recording only white noise for the duration of the concert.

Here for your listening (dis)pleasure are actual small samples of one memorable concert performance by the Band of Fools at the PIT, October 20, 1984.

 You may listen to Albert Noir's You Don't See with a Toadette lending a helping chord on vocals and Firechief Four oz.'s blistering sax solo. Hear a sample of Capt Jerk's rockin' composition Lost in the Jungle.

The party was a grand success, mostly due to the keg provided by a Toadette -- payment for having wrecked the car of one FOOL. Everyone had FUN and the band, as always, was rewarded with a Thunderous applause by the appreciative if not drunken audience!


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