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My Experience with Western Roofing

To anyone needing roofing work... I cannot recommend Western Roofing. I've had a serious issue with them that has not been rectified in approximately five years. Western has or had several offices around the country. After the multiple hurricanes hit Florida, Western set up shop in south Florida.

The roof installed on my small wood-frame house by Western Roofing failed the required city inspections, the job was basically abandoned and their local office took no action to fix or pass it. The West Palm Beach office of Western Roofing eventually closed and I attempted to continue the dialogue with the secretary at their home office. They were unresponsive until I complained to the Better Business Bureau. A engineer they hired was finally sent to my home in 2007, but I was never provided with a report or corrective course of action, despite my numerous calls, faxes and certified letters to their office.


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