Pictures And Text Donated By Todd KB4MHH
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801.jpg - Packing things up after the hamfest.
802.jpg - Packing things up.
 803.jpg - Dave Price/WA4ET raids the food stand for a hamburger after the fest.
804.jpg - Ed Amsbury/N4OVO attempts to fast-talk a last-minute sale
on an innocent, unsuspecting passerby.
805.jpg - Steve King/KC6WCH waits for testing to finish so he can
help load the trailer (near the back where testing is
going on), while Thom Scott/KF4I takes a meal break in
the background.  Javier Suarez/KF4RCT, background left,
helps break down the W4DFU table.
806.jpg - Thom Scott/KF4I rolling up the full length of the 82
repeater hard-line.  (Not really the 82 hard-line.)
807.jpg - Jeff Capehart/W4UFL at the W4DFU table.  Note the scary
smile that is always there and which makes you wonder
what he's been up to while you had your head turned.
808.jpg - If you scroll the picture down almost to the bottom you'll
meet Robin Wilson/KG4ELZ, current President of GARC.  Down
a little further...down a little further...  Ah!...there!
See?  There she is.  Told yuh.  (We had to use a macro
lens on the camera to photograph her.)  Note the 2-meter
HT where the purse should be.
809.jpg - Jeff Capehart/W4UFL stands by Robin Wilson/KG4ELZ for an
indication of true scale-size.  This is not a special-effects
enhanced photo.  But it was submitted to Ripley's
Believe-It-Or-Not.  (Really.)
810.jpg - Javier Suarez/KF4RCT at the GARC table.
811.jpg - Walt Johnson/W4TKE and Kenny,
stand in front of the GARC table.  Walt wasn't feeling
well and his voice was going and yet he still showed up
to lift, push, pull, and load.  In the background on the
left are Ron Meder/W8MSH's stomach, Thom Scott/KF4I,
Steve King/KC6WCH, and Javier Suarez/KF4RCT.
812.jpg - Paul Bennett/N4EGO in front of the GARS welcome table.
813.jpg - Trying to handle a  problem for a couple of hamfest
814.jpg - "Gid'yap, Ed-sie!"  Jim Carr/KC4MHH and Thom Scott/KF4I
ride in the back of Ed Amsbury/N4OVO's now no-longer
brand-new pickup on the way to the back where the GARS
trailer was waiting to be loaded with folded tables,
chairs, and other gear and equipment.
815.jpg - same as last one 
816.jpg - Meeting Sonny Lewis/KE4SLL.  (We believe this is the
only available photo of this rare animal.)
817.jpg - Nick Koenigstein/WB9ELP and Jim Carr/KC4MHH load tables
into the trailer.  Thom Scott/KF4I is in the back of the
trailer.  [Todd/KB4MHH is way in the back underneath many,
many tables which were piled on top of him.  It took two
hours to finally notice Todd was missing, and he was
found when someone heard him tapping out faint morse code
on the floor of the trailer.  (Really.)]
818.jpg - Thom Scott/KF4I and Nick Koenigstein/WB9ELP (in the
trailer) and Jim Carr/KC4MHH (in the back of Nick's
truck) load tables into the GARS trailer.
819.jpg - As soon as Nick Koenigstein/WB9ELP's truck is emptied,
we still have to unload Ed Amsbury/N4OVO's truck.
820.jpg - Jeff Capehart/W4UFL and Ken Hall/KE4SLK stand behind
the GARS trailer waiting for a few last loads before
closing the back doors.
821.jpg - Taken seconds before Todd Sherman/KB4MHH keeled over
and died from all the heavy loading in the hot trailer.
This is not a posed photo.  Really.
822.jpg - Jeff Capehart/W4UFL and Thom Scott/KF4I load more tables
into the trailer.
824.jpg - Todd Sherman/KB4MHH guides Jeff Capehart/W4UFL and Thom
Scott/KF4I in properly loading the trailer.
825.jpg - Todd Sherman/KB4MHH handles the most difficult job of
all -- telling everyone else how to load the trailer.

826.jpg - Pat Callaway/K4HFJ takes new membership signups.

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