Red Dwarf Pile 'O Smeg
THE Red Dwarf Link Page

Here it is the Pile 'O Smeg. This is The Red Dwarf Link Page. The Red Dwarf Link Page that makes other RD Link Pages go for a spare head replacement and never come back. You are guaranteed to find plenty of working Red Dwarf links. These links are tested regularly to insure that they are indeed online, no broken links*, no wasted time.

The Red Dwarf Pile 'O Smeg
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old stuff:
What you will find here:

1) A smeggin' HUGE pile of RD related links, which all work as of: April 29th, 1999
2) A Noble cause started here to get the Sc-Fi channel to pick up Red Dwarf.

What you will NOT find here:

1) The lyrics to the theme song, most links below have it
2) The SOS distress call, ditto
3) Links to Red Dwarf Link pages...You don't need another links page now!

The Gang
Dave Lister     The Cat    Arnold Rimmer    Kryten

Plus one of these

Holly     Holly/Hilly

And in Series 7 We Get

Kristine Kochanski