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Welcome. you may bow and kiss my paw.

Call me Willow. Make that Willow the Immortal High Being. Also add the fact that I am the best hunter in the universe. And the best fighter. In Fact, I beat up on the Doberman next door. Every morning I stroll out of my territory to have my daily tangle with Matches, my next door enemy.

I enjoy being evil. I like to feel a birdís skull crunch under my teeth. I also like to be homicidal and hunt people. My favorite thing to do is let a little kid pet me and then bite their hand.

A lot of people think Iím so sweet and nice. My vet, for instance, canít wait until my next shots. Unfortunately, if someone tried to give me a shot while Iím at home, they would have a nice visit to the intensive care unit at Shands.

I never go anywhere with out my red velvet carpet being laid out. Otherwise, I might bruise my delicate little patty-paws.

I hate cruel people who put me outside when it's raining.  If you are one of these, I suggest that you work epecially hard to please me. Gourmet cat food and those dried out little fish will do. IF you pre-heat the cat food. Also I don't like the fish mixed in, just set them on a matching silver side platter.  And don't forget the vase of violets and lace doily.

My life is filled with toil and drugery. Yesterday I was forced to eat on the floor because my silk pillow was in the wash. Then it rained and my patty paws got all wet.

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