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[ W ]elcome!! This site is undergoing a major revision expected to be completed over the next several weeks (hopefully not months). The reason for this revision is that I have been offered the opportunity to provide a real service to the role-playing community on the internet, specifically the GURPS® community. I apologize in advance to those who have taken the time to register pages on this site. I will do my best to minimize the number of spurious updates. Stay tuned and . . . Have a Nice Day!!

Just Add Warp

Learn HTML

     The resources on the Web itself are more than sufficient to learn HTML. Do Not go running to the store and buy the latest How-To book. Everything you need to know is somewhere here on the Web. Now, all we need to do is find it.

Alternate Oerths

There are wheels within wheels in the lands of the Flanaess. Behind each person lurks another, the circles growing wider and the figures shadowy but very powerful. Welcome to Greyhawk!!

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They are called the Majestati, magical nonhumans that lived thousands of years ago. To the disbelieving world, myths and legends are dead, but the Majestati know they can live again. A new life after death. This is the time of the Requiem. An electronic sourcebook for GURPS.
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Just to see if all this work is worth it, [ 578 ] people have been here before you!
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