Annotated Chronological Table of Events

A World of Greyhawk® Timeline

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Last Update: July 28, 1998

Folio-5515Suloise Dating (S.D.) begins.
For -5515 CY to -1 CY add +5516 to get equivalent SD date; -5515 CY = 1 SD
For 1 CY and greater add +5515 to get equivalent SD date; 1 CY= 5516 SD
Folio-4462Olven Calendar (O.C.) begins.
For -4462 CY to -1 CY add +4463 to get equivalent OC date; -4462 CY = 1 OC
For 1 CY and greater add +4462 to get equivalent OC date; 1 CY= 4463 OC
Folio-2659Baklunish Hegira (B.H.) begins.
For -2659 CY to -1 CY add +2660 to get equivalent BH date; -2659 CY = 1 BH
For 1 CY and greater add +2659 to get equivalent BH date; 1 CY= 2660 BH
Folio-2150Flan Tracking (F.T.) begins.
For -2150 CY to -1 CY add +2151 to get equivalent FT date; -2659 CY = 1 FT
For 1 CY and greater add +2150 to get equivalent FT date; 1 CY= 2151 FT
Folio-644Oeridian Record (O.R.) begins.
TABFor ages, tribes of Oeridian horse barbarians inhabited the steppes and foothills of what is now Ull. Over two centuries before the fall of the Baklunish and Suloise empires, these barbarians united in a single confederation to resist incursions by imperial Baklunish across the Ulsprue Mountains and by nomadic Baklunish to the north. This event marks the start of the Oeridian Record (OR). [pg. 5; pg. 55]
FolioFor -644 CY to -1 CY add +645 to get equivalent OR date; -644 CY = 1 OR
For 1 CY and greater add +644 to get equivalent OR date; 1 CY= 645 OR
Folio-485Beginning of the Baklunish-Suloise Wars.
Folio-466First employment of humanoid mercenaries.
The hordes of Euroz and associated humanoids used as mercenaries by both sides, tended to pillage northwards and eastwards, driving the Oerids before them. [pg. 5]
Folio-458Oerid migrations east at peak point.
The fierce Oeridian tribes moved east, thrusting aside Flan and Suloise in their path. [pg. 5]
Folio-447Suloise migration begins.
The Suel Peoples, mainly fleeing from the great wars in the Suloise Empire, moved northwards through the Kendeen (Harsh) Pass of the southern Crystalmist Mountains (now known as the Hellfurnaces) and spread out in all directions. [pg. 5]
WG8-425Scarlet Brotherhood founded.
The Brotherhood was founded in the last years of the Bakluni-Suel wars to combat what its members saw as the dilution of Suel virtues and superiority; its express purpose was the "purification" of Suel blood and behavior, with the concomitant and inevitable rule. [pg. 105]
Folio-422Invoked Devastation and Rain of Colorless Fire Strike;
When the Invoked Devastation came upon the Baklunish, their own magi brought down the Rain of Colorless Fire in a last terrible curse, and this so affected the Suloise Empire as to cause it to become the Sea of Dust. [pg. 5]
The Suloise lands were inundated by a nearly invisible fiery rain which killed all creatures it struck, burned all living things, ignited the landscape with colorless flame, and burned the very hills into ash. [pg. 5; pg. 26]
WoGAge of Glory ends;
When the Rain of Colorless Fire ended the Age of Glory and brought down the Empire, the tribes [Suloise] decided to seek their fate to the east, in the lands of the Flan. [Gloss, pg. 27]
DMG1Axe of the Dwarvish Lords lost;
Legend relates that the greatest dwarf who ever lived, the first Dwarven King, forged this weapon in volcanic fires with the aid of a patron god. It passed from dwarven monarch to dwarven monarch until it was lost in the Invoked Devastation centuries gone. Rumors persist of the appearance of the Axe from time to time in various places, but it supposedly bears a curse. [pg. 156]
Cup and Talisman of Al'Akbar appear.
This pair of holy relics were given by the gods of the Paynims to their most exalted high priest in the days following the Invoked Devastation. It was lost to demi-human raiders and was last rumored to be somewhere in the Southeastern portion of the Bandit Kingdoms. [pg. 157]
GAThis pair of holy relics are also rumored to reside within the Pinnacles of Azor'alq. [pg. 89]
FtA-400Battles begin for control of the central Flanaess;
FolioFor two centuries Oerid and Suel battled each other and the fragmenting humanoid hordes for possession of the central area of the Flanaess, incidentally engaging the Flannish and demi-humans. In a few places the two racial stocks intermixed -- notably the Sheldomar Valley -- held by the Suel Houses of Rhola and Neheli. [Card #1; pg. 5]
FtASuel banished to margins of Flanaess.
FolioTo the far north, four of the strongest and fiercest Suel clans managed to retain large stretches of ground as Suloise. The majority of the Suelites were pushed to the extreme south, into the Amedio Jungle, the Tilvanot Peninsula, the Duxchan Islands, and even as far as across the narrow Tilva Straight into Hepmonaland. [Card #1; pg. 5]
WG8c. -325Jurnre founded.
In the aftermath of the final Bakluni-Suel conflict, the Suel lordling Immris of Rhola rallied his household, crossed the Crystalmist Mountains, and made his way across the Sheldomar basin. Entering into an alliance with the local halflings and gnomes, they founded a citadel on what they dubbed the Hill of Stars above the banks of the Kewl River. [pg. 25]
Folio-217Founding of the Kingdom of Aerdy.
The strongest tribe of the Oeridians, the Aerdi, settled the rich fields east of the Nyr Dyv and there founded the Kingdom of Aerdy, eventually to be renamed the Great Kingdom. [pg. 5]
Aquac. -194Exploration of the Solonor Ocean begins.
In eastern Oerik, some small but farsighted groups living near the Gull Cliffs of the coast developed some skill at maritime travel. The travelers were of mixed stock, Oerid and Flannae, and part of the newly formed kingdom of Aerdy. The persistent Aqua-erdians generated two major seafaring explorations, both of which successfully returned with news of land far eastward.
Aqua-122Aqua-erdians strike out east across the Solonor Ocean.
Disenchanted by a warlike turn of events in their homeland, most of the remaining Aqua-erdians left Aerdy by sea, migrating eastward across the Solnor Ocean. Those who remained became the ancestors of the Sea Barons, now virtually independent, but swearing fealty to the Overking at Rauxes.
Folio-110Battle of a Fortnight's Length;
After several decades of increasing growth, power, and prestige, Aerdy embarked upon a series of conquests, the greatest of which was the defeat of the Nyrondal cavalry squadrons at the Battle of a Fortnight's Length. [pg. 5]
Great Kingdom established.
Thereafter, Aerdy was known as the Great Kingdom, whose monarch held sway from the Sundi swamplands in the south, westwards along the shores of the Telfic Gulf and the Sea of Yar, to the Nyr Dyv and from thence northwards through the Shield Lands and beyond the Tenh. [pg. 5]
Folio1Overking crowned in Rauxes;
IvidThe first Overking was Nasran from the House of Cranden. Proclaiming universal peace, Nasran saw defeated Suloise, Flan and rebellious humanoid rabbles of no consequence and no threat to the vast might of Aerdy. [pg. 5; --]
FolioFrontiers of Great Kingdom reach Greyhawk City.
The writ of the Overking of Imperial Aerdi extended to Furyon and Voll (now Veluna), across the northern praires as far as Perrenland. For three centuries the Aerdy held a vast empire which fluctuated in extent but little, until after the third Celestial House (dynasty) when the borders began to close in upon the original territory of the Aerdi. [pg. 5]
Ivid11Major battle between Oeridians and Flan Tribes at modern day Arrowstrand.
WG843Citadel of Jurnre constructed.
The Citadel is one of Jurnre's most notable features, in part for its placement on the hill near the river and in part because of its high spires, which are not typical of Jurnrese architecture. It is the count's personal residence as well as the seat of city and county government and the quarters of the city garrison. [pg. 27]
Ivid75RaxNyrond House becomes the ruling house of Aerdy;
After the death of Nasran's grandson, Tenmeris, his Queen, Yalranda, was accepted as the only Overqueen in Aerdy history because of her prowess in establishing dynastic marriages between the royal houses of Aerdy and her uncanny gift for forging alliances. Her eldest son, Manshen, broke with tradition and took the name of the RaxNyrond Royal House. This house was to rule for nearly 400 years.
Ividc. 80Eastfair's Old City, North Province, built.
Eastfair is divided into Old City and New City. The city greatly expanded in size during the third century when New City began to grow outside the original walls. Old City is now mostly the province of the poorer people, save for the complex of buildings known as "The Cyst," while New City contains the homes and workplaces of the well off.
Folioc. 100Viceroyalty of Ferrond established;
The Viceroyalty was founded upon several small states during the height of Aerdian power. It was aimed at giving the Great Kingdom a strong satrapy on the western frontier from which further conquest could be launched. The Viceroy ruled from the Clatspur Mountains to the Nyr Dyv, from the Lortmils in the south to the far shores of Whyestil Lake, and beyond, in the north. [pg. 10]
FtA113Alisedran, famed scholar and explorer, returns and publishes On Sledge and Horseback to the Barbarians of the North.
Ivid171Battle of Chokestone.
The site is that of a great battle between Aerdi men and a small Flan tribe. The Oeridians were easily triumphant, and an excessively brutal general ordered the torture and sacrifice of all surrendering Flan folk in thanks to Erythnul. The following day, the Aerdi army woke from its camp to find that the land for several square miles around had been stripped of vegetation. Only slate like stone remained.
Ivid172Lays of Bar Strannach delivered.
A huge fomorian giant, said to be 40 feet tall, staggered into Bar Strannach, slew half the occupants, and then screamed some crazed and allegedly prophetic utterances regarding the Great Kingdom's future history and fate. Collapsing in a ghastly fit, the giant spewed forth a book, the Lays of Bar Strannach which is still preserved in a small shrine to Boccob.
WG8193Quarry Garden of Jurnre established.
Created at the order of Countess Llyra from the quarry in the Hill of Stars that supplied the Citadel and many of the older houses in the city. By tradition it is open to the public so long as they remain on the public paths and greens. It may well be one of the oldest human-built gardens in the Flanaess, and it is certainly one of the lovliest. [pg. 27]
Folioc. 200Power of the Malachite Throne wanes;
As the power of the Malachite Throne in Rauxes waned, the Viceroys of Ferrond ruled more by their own writ and less by the leave of the Aerdi overlords. [pg. 10]
WG8Leukish founded.
Leukish began as a trading post between Ferrond and Nyrondal. Later the Duchy of Urnst's own treasures, precious metals and stones, were discovered, and the city flourished as the duchy's size and wealth grew. [pg. 58]
Folio213Age of Great Sorrow commences.
Folio254Thrommel I crowned in the city of Dyvers.
The heir to Viceroy Stinvri (the Viceroyalty had become hereditary some years previously) was crowned in Dyvers as Thrommel I, King of Furyondy, Prince of Veluna, Provost of the Northern Reaches, Warden General of the Vesve Forest, Marshall of the Shield Lands, Lord of Dyvers, etc. [pg. 10]
WG8283-288Chendl built.
Several decades after Furyondy as such was formed, the king, Thrommel III, decided he needed a new capital. Thus, a new Chendl was built: a beautiful wealthy, clean, and peaceful city, a city of wide canals and graceful temples. It took five years for the city to progress from plans to reality, and thereafter it has remained unchanging . . . perfect. [pg. 83]
Folio300-350Bandit Kingdoms formed.
The Bandit Kingdoms are a collection of petty holdings. Each little kingdom is ruled by a robber chieftain claiming a title such as Baron, Boss, Plar, General, Tyrant, Prince, Despot and even King. In all there are 17 states within the confines of the area, ruled by 4 to 6 powerful lords, and the rest attempting either to become leading rulers or simply to survive. [pg. 8]
FtA310-360Shield Lands become increasingly unified.
FolioWhen the Bandit Kingdoms began to grow powerful, the petty nobles of the north shores of the Nyr Dyv banded together in a mutual protection society. [Card #1; pg. 15]
Folio320Nomads appear in north;
Mixed Oerid-Baklunish nomad bands had gradually moved into and laid claim to the steppe lands beyond the Yatil range, pushing eastwards as far as the Griff Mountains. Border skirmishing with the southern nations went on as these wild horsemen pushed into the Flanaess. Perhaps the civilized states could have stopped their eastward progress had they not been busy fighting with the Aerdi for their independence. [pg. 5; pg. 6]
Outer dependencies of Aerdy gain sovereignty.
Perranders, Velunians, Furyondians and Tenhas achieve success, establishing independent status one after the other in a series of minor but bloody wars. [pg. 5; pg. 6]
WGR1c. 320Castle Greyhawk built.
Centuries past, when Greyhawk city was still a burgeoning riverbank trading post, Zagig was already a powerful magician. His adventurous exploits had taken him the length and breadth of Oerth and beyond -- his command of magic had grown to heroic proportions. Zagig built for himself an enormous castle complex north of young Greyhawk. He used it to conduct his experiments, to build his personal guard of soldiers, and to store the treasures of his career. [pg. 3; pg. 2]
Ivid322Public baths of Innspa built.
They were built by an eccentric wizard obsessed with personal hygiene, and the fire elemental he bound to heat the waters is still at work here.
GA350Pontus Hardiggin, a hobniz traveler, begins his explorations.
Folioc. 350-360Short War;
Embarked on a policy of conquest, Keoland sent armies north into Ket, Veluna and Furyondy. The Ketite expedition came to grief in successive battles at Molvar and Lopolla. An alliance between Veluna-Furyondy ended the Keoish sieges at Verbobonc and Veluna City. [pg. 12]
Olves expel Keoland's royal garrisons.
Olvenfolk within the boundaries of Keoland began expelling royal garrisons in the Ulek Provinces and Celene. In the ensuing struggle, the freemen of the western portion sided with the demi-humans. [pg. 12]
WG8When Keoish adventures abroad provoked Jurnre to expel the king's garrisons, this was accomplished without violence. [pg. 12; pg.25]
Folio356Kingdom of Nyrond established;
The House of Rax, ruling Aerdi dynasty, was at the time sundered by an internal feud, and the junior branch, then known as Nyrond, declared its lands free of the rule of the reigning Overking [Portillan] and sovereign. [pg. 5; pg. 6]
Kingdom of Keoland at peak;
At the peak of her imperialism, Keoland held sway from the Pomarj to the Crystalmist Mountains, while her armies pushed into Ket and threatened Verbobonc and Veluna City. [pg. 5; pg. 12]
Barbarians invade the North Province;
A coalition of Fruzt, Schna and mercenary barbarians mounted a major foray into the Aerdian North Province. The Overking's army, raised to invade Nyrond, swung northeast and soon the invaders were crushed. The end of the campaigning season arrived before any action could be taken against Nyrond. [pg. 6]
Nyrondal subjugates the County Urnst;
Duchy of Urnst proclaims independence;
Nyrondal attempts to invade the Duchy of Urnst;
When the Nyrondel won their independence, they took the County Urnst, and were massing troops to cross the Nesser, but the first crossings were turned back by galleys, and the campaign sputtered later in the year, never to be restarted. [pg. 18]
Folioc. 356Theocracy of the Pale proclaims autonomy.
WG8As the rot of cultural and social decay started to penetrate the Great Kingdom, many of the more devout and outspoken followers of the god Pholtus withdrew from the increasinly corrupt core of the land. Some of these settled between the Rakers mountain range and the Yol River. When Nyrond declared its independence from the Great Kingdom, so did these religious refugees. Thus was the Theocracy of the Pale formed. [pg. 13; pg. 47]
Folioc. 357Evil and decadence corrupts the Great Kingdom.
It was at this time that the evil began to grow within the rulers of the Great Kingdom. The House of Rax became decadent, its policies ineffectual and aimed at appeasement. The powerful noble houses took this as their cue to set up palatinate-like states, and rule their fiefs as if they were independent kingdoms. [pg. 6]
WG8371Robber Baron Latavius of Rookroost dies.
Rookroost's founder was an Oeridian robber baron named Latavius, and under his dominion the city enjoyed its most dynamic period of growth. When Latavius died suddenly -- under rather suspicious circumstances -- the throne of Rookroost was taken over by the former commander of Latavius's personal bodyguard. [pg. 3]
Folioc. 375Zagig Yrageme, the "Mad Archmage," rules Greyhawk.
It was Zagig who poured funds into the City of Greyhawk in order to make it into the "Gem of the Flanaess." His reign was bizarre in many other ways, and it came as no surprise when it was reported that Zagig Yragerne had mysteriously vanished after years of rule when no change or aging could be detected. [pg. 11]
WG8c. 376Rel Mord built.
Despite its location deep within Nyrond, Rel Mord is heavily defended and maintains the appearance of a huge fortress. Originally armored to protect itself against Nyrond's conquered states (the County of Urnst and the Theocracy of the Pale), the city watch now keeps its eyes toward the evil nations of the east. [pg. 14]
GA390Pontus Hardiggin, a hobniz traveler, retires.
Among other stories within his memoirs, some obviously fabricated, Hardiggin described a visit to an idyllic land in which halflings and giants lived in a peaceful cooperation, blessed with fertile soil, health, and a great deposit of gold, emeralds, and useful metals, and most of all with concealment from the outside world. [pg. 101]
CoG393Guild of Wizardy founded.
Founded by Zagig Yragerne, the so-called Mad Archmage, the Free City of Greyhawk's Guild of Wizardry is the principal seat of magical research and training in the Flanaess. [FFF, pg. 16]
Folioc. 400Littlemark -- northernmost frontier of the Kingdom of Keoland;
Perrenland formed.
The original Flan tribes dwelling in the Yatil Mountains were far more warlike and fierce than most of their fellows elsewhere in the Flanaess. Would-be invaders were absorbed by these powerful clans. Attempts at expansion into Perrenland were vigorously resisted by the inhabitants. These attempts brought the various clans together in a loose association under the banner of the strongest of their number, Perren. [pg. 13]
WGR1c. 420Castle Greyhawk mysteriously abandoned.
When the timeless Zagig vanished after years of rule over the City of Greyhawk, the castle was likewise abandoned, and rumors tell of a terrible curse placed upon the fortress. [pg. 2; pg. 3]
Folioc. 430Hold of Stonefist founded by Vlek Col Vlekzed.
The inhabitants of the area, the Coltens Feodality, were tricked into negotiation with Vlek. These negotiators and their escorting force were slaughtered, the remainder of the Coltens host routed by surprise and ferocity, and Vlek settled down to rule over the whole territory. [pg. 16]
Ivid435House of Garasteth ousted from Roland.
A despotic Garasteth ruler was overthrown in a military coup, and the leaders of that coup instituted their own despotism instead. To avoid assassination attempts, they kept their identities secret, meeting at irregular intervals in the windowless marbled keep known simply as Fortress. While The Five know who each other are, they meet masked and disguised in Fortress.
Folio437Turmoil between Crowns.
IvidThis name is given both to the decade of internal schisms under the rule of the last Rax overking, Nalif, and to the civil war which followed Ivid's ascension. [pg. 5; --]
Folio438Small War;
Furyondy vs. Keoland, ends Keoish influence in Veluna and wrests Littlemark from beneath Keoish control. Littlemark becomes a tributary state of Furyondy for a few decades. [pg. 9]
FtAKeolandish satellites become increasingly independent;
FolioComandant of the Gran March slain.
When Berlikyn, then Commandant of the Gran March, was slain in combat during the Small War, the populace rose in rejoicing. Keoland reconsidered its policies thereafter, and allowed the people to elect their own Commandant from amongst the noble houses of Gran March. The state is now only a nominal vassal of Keoland. [pg. 10]
Ivid443-446Crafting of the Malachite Throne.
Known as the "Fiendseeing Throne," The Malachite throne was crafted from a great crystal chunk found in the Cauldron of Night. The throne itself, fashioned by mages and priests, has magical properties including a gate to the Nine Hells.
FtA446Ivid I, House of Naelax, ascends the Malachite Throne in Rauxes;
IvidOverking Nalif was the last of the Rax line descended directly from the overkings. A flock of misbegotten cousins, exiles and ne'er do wells of Rax could lay some claim to the title of overking when Ivid had Nalif assassinated, but after a century of hopelessly ineffectual Rax rule all of the royal houses agreed that another Rax overking was simply unacceptable. Ivid proclaimed himself overking immediately and plunged the Great Kingdom into civil war. [Card #1; --]
FolioLord High Mayor of Irongate executed.
As the rule of the Overking grew more despotic, the people of the city of Irongate began to murmur, and the Lord Mayor headed a deputation bearing grievances to the Herzog. These emissaries were thrown into prison, given a mock trial, and executed by ritual torture for the Overking's entertainment. [pg. 11]
FtANorth and South Provinces secede from the Great Kingdom;
IvidCivil war ensues within the Great Kingdom;
Among the competing houses, the House of Cranden opposed Naelax, as did many elements of the House of Garasteth and the remnants of Rax. But in all houses princes were busy using the civil war as a cover for settling old scores and attacking their inhouse rivals.
Folio447Onnwal declares itself a Free State;
Onnwal was originally a lesser fief of the Herzog of South Province, to be granted as he saw fit to his faithful followers. The oppressive rule of the Great Kingdom brought great discontent and instigated open rebellion, the whole of the South Province being in arms. All of the lower portion was lost to the empire when the Iron League was founded. [pg. 13]
Founding of the Iron League;
This alliance joined Onnwal with the Free City of Irongate (which barred the Onnwal peninsula), Idee, Sunndi, and the demi-humans of the Glorioles and the Hestmark Highlands in economic and military alliance. Onnwal and Irongate supplied the sea power, while the other members furnished troops for land actions -- although strong contingents from both of the former places were also sent into battle. [pg. 13]
Bandit Kings sack Trigol;
Rise of Sea Princes.
The buccaneers of the Azure Sea and Jeklea Bay grew strong and wealthy when Keoland was at the height of its power, for the eyes of its leaders were turned northward toward empire, and the sea raiders were ignored. These privateers took to calling themselves Sea Princes, after a particularly successful captain who was in fact of noble birth. [pg. 5; pg. 15]
Wars449University of Rauxes sacked;
The sack of the University of Rauxes destroyed all imperial records of the war. Likewise, Duke Astrin's considerable library at Eastfair went out in rucksacks and up in flames during the final imperial campaign. Though some fairly complete histories survived in the monasteries of Medegia, they are heavily tinged with the Holy Censor's degenerate philosophies. Their accuracy is highly questionable, especially concerning their main topic: the battles between Rauxes and Medegia.
IvidHouse of Darmen sacks Rel Deven.
This wealthy and pragmatic house believed Ivid was coming out ahead, so the house sprang a surprise with the sack of Rel Deven in Harvester of that year and a series of brilliant lightning strikes aimed at securing provisioning for the coming winter.
Ivid450House of Naelax triumphant;
All houses agreed to accept Ivid as overking, and their leading princes paid homage along the Great Way in the Parade of Crowns. The House of Naelax was triumphant. Ivid may have won a kingdom, but he paid a high price. The South and North Provinces, and Medegia, became in effect semiautonomous provinces of the Great Kingdom. Consensus of opinion holds that all of the Overkings who have ruled since the House of Naelax ascended to the Malachite throne are insane, demon-ridden or both.
See of Medegia independent.
FolioThis fief of the Great Kingdom became so strong as to be virtually independent when the Malachite Throne went into decline. The Holy Censor still remains one of the chief advisors of the Overking. [--; pg. 12]
Folioc. 450Border war between Geoff and Keoland.
Folio453Seige of Westkeep;
King Tavish III of Keoland was slain in battle against the Sea Princes, and his son, Tavish IV, immediately changed the policies of the kingdom upon ascending to the throne. After protracted negotiations, the independent state of the Yeomanry was recognized, the Ulek states were granted autonomy, and Keoland returned to its former state of tolerance and prosperity thereafter. [pg. 12]
GASormod mounts an expedition to the Land Beyond the Black Ice.
Sormod, a merchant and adventurer from Perrenland who was visiting Eru-Tovar, purchased a fragmentary document at a bazaar. The document supposedly recovered from Blackmoor Castle gave explicit directions for finding a land "beyond the black ice where the sun never sets" amidst the wastes of the Black Ice. The romantic Sormod departed from Dantredun in Richfest. [pg. 100]
Folio455County of Sunndi joins the Iron League.
The County was once a fief within a fief, being granted to a loyal peer of the Overking's Herzog of the South Province. After a long period of oppressive taxation, maltreatment by royal troops and those of the Herzog as well, the nobles of human and non-human folk in the area joined the general uprising against Aerdian rule, and became a part of the Iron League. [pg. 16]
Ivid456Doppleganger unmasked within the Court of Essense.
Ivid I had Prime Remmanen secretly assassinated and replaced by a doppelganger in his service. When the doppelganger was unmasked, Ivid feigned outrage and immediately replaced the prime by appointing three judges a patriarch of Pholtus, one of Zilchus, and one of Hextor.
GA460Henriki Ardand's personal journal surfaces in Greyhawk.
One volume of Henriki Ardand's, the magician who accompanied Sormond to the Land beyond the Black Ice, personal journal provides a most marvelous tale of the expedition's journey. [pg. 100]
Folio461Demi-human realms of Ulek and Celene are effected.
Although the demi-humans have avoided general involvement in human wars, the formation of the demi-human principalities of Celene and Ulek highlights the fact that they will resist invasion from the humans inhabiting a state. Human and demi-human alliances on a large scale are not out of the question any longer. [pg. 5; pg. 6]
Ivid467Pauper bodies become the possession of the crown.
By an imperial decree, Ivid I ruled that the bodies of who died within Rauxes became the possession of the crown unless a fee of 100 gp could be paid for the purpose of burial at Oltary Park. This ensured a supply of pauper bodies which could be used for the purposes of animating dead by evil priests.
WG8c. 476Elredd founded.
There has been a settlement of some sort on the site of Elredd for more than a thousand years. The city itself came into being only a century or so ago, however. It was founded by a warrior named Uroch, who hailed from the Wolf Nomads. [pg. 37]
WG8c. 476-496Red Death plague.
Old records describe a plague that decimated the Bandit Kingdom's population as it swept across the Flanaess some four score years ago. [pg. 6] A bardic song talks of a 'wasting disease' that swept Oerik nearly a century ago. [pg. 40]
Folio479Might of Iuz grows;
WarsThe land now called Iuz was a fractious collection of independent fiefs. The petty princes who ruled these plots of land vied to inherit the lands of Furyondy, which at that time reached far north. Among these princes was a paltry despot of the Howling Hills, who died in that year and left the land to a son of questionable origin -- Iuz. Oddly, rumors alternately described the "son" as an old man and a 7-foot-tall, feral-faced fiend. [pg.5; --]
FolioHumanoid invasions become common.
WarsIuz's domain began to spread like mold upon an overripe peach, primarily due to his use of humanoid tribes. Most human princes considered orcs and goblins vermin-ridden inferiors, an attitude best typified by His Eminence Count Vordav, who swore to "burn on sight any hovel of those miserable scum." Though this attitude allowed the petty princes to "maintain a false sense of purity for the old Aerdi traditions," it also meant their armies were quickly overmatched by Iuz, who made full use of orcish cruelty and fecundity. [pg.5; --]
Ividc. 485Kaport Bay desalination plant created.
A skilled enchanter worked with a dwarven architect to construct a set of sluices and wheels which channelled sea water at high tide into a complex apparatus which desalinated the water, providing drinking water and salt for export.
Ivid486Castle Tax introduced by Ivid I.
Outside of "strategic" areas bordering on other states, a tax on stone castles and keeps was introduced. The tax was justified as a way of paying for new castles in North Province, where it could be claimed that they were needed to protect the electrum mines of Bellport from humanoid attacks. Of course, such castles were built in lands mostly owned by Naelax nobles.
WG8489Portal opens on the Tilvanot Plateau.
The complacency of the Suel society was shaken to its very roots. Suddenly the southern provinces were invaded by strange monsters and by small bands of an entirely alien people who bore a disturbing resemblence to the Bakluni. Only one element of the old order survived the impact, the Scarlet Brotherhood. [pg. 105]
WG8492Hesuel Ilshar built.
Irith Van, the head of the Scarlet Brotherhood, ordered the building of a new headquarters and fortress at the site of the stranger's entry into the Flanaess: Hesuel Ilshar, Breedhome of the Suloise. [pg. 105]
Wars494Ivid I dies;
Ivid II ascends to the Malachite Throne.
Wars497Ivid II assasinated;
Ivid III ascends to the Malachite Throne.
Folio498County of Urnst becomes Palatinate under the Duchy of Urnst;
The county is allied to and under the protection of the Duchy of Urnst, but its ruler is by no means subervient to the duke. [pg.5; pg. 18]
Greyhawk becomes a Free City.
Ruling a territory from Hardby on the Wooly Bay to the Nyr Dyv, between the eastern folds of the Cairn Hills and the Gnarley Forest, including much of what is now the northern section of the Wild Coast region. [pg. 5; pg. 18]
Folio498-510Hateful Wars;
The combined Ulek states, with co-operation from Veluna and the demi-humans of the Kron Hills, broke the power of the Euroz and Jebli hordes which had nested in the Lortmils and were attempting to spread into the lands around. These humanoids were finally driven out and scattered. [pg. 14]
WG8504Iron Fist Guild of Rel Mord established.
Rel Mord's mercenary organization was formed by a Nyrondese captain who had fought in the expansionist campaigns. The captain called to arms all men who were willing to serve as warriors for pay only, not for reason of ethics or nationalism. Scores of fighters applied for membership, and the Iron Fist Guild was born. [pg. 17]
Wars505Iuz's threat sunders Furyondy internally;
A three-way split had grown in the ranks of nobility. The most powerful faction was the Great Lords of the south, who used Iuz's threat to lever their lands from the king's control. Second in power was the Order of the Hart, which grew in unity and strength to oppose Iuz's border raids. Least in power was King Avras III with his estates and kin.
Iuz imprisoned beneath Castle Greyhawk.
FolioIuz had been trapped by the mirthful and mad Zagig, locked away in a strange chamber deep below the ruins of Greyhawk Castle, one of nine powerful demi-gods so confined. [--; pg. 12]
WG8506Seige of Jurnre.
Refugee jebli and euroz lay a brief seige against Jurnre during the height of the Hateful Wars. [pg. 25]
WG8508Fire of Rel Mord.
A crowded section of commoners' residences was destroyed by fire. More than 500 persons died in the smoke and flames. After the fire, clean-up crews complained of hauntings and strange occurances, and the area was abandoned. [pg. 16]
Folio510End of the Hateful Wars.
GAThe last of the euroz and jebli tribes were driven forth from the Lortmil Mountains. One particularly large horde [led by the half-orc Urgush] made the ill-advised attempt to reach the Yatil Mountains by crossing the gap from the Lorridges. [pg. 14; pg. 97]
Sandor, lord of Polvar province in eastern Ket, disappears.
Many have since sought Csipros Erd, the Geysers of Death, but none have returned to report of them. The maze of hills and valleys about the northern Barrier Peak is large, and not a few have geysers and hot springs. Of the "blood red lakes" mentioned in Sandor's account there has been not a trace. To common knowledge Urgush's wealth, along with what must be a considerable quantity of human and humanoid bone, remain undiscovered. [pg. 98]
Folio513Rise of the Horned Society;
WarsDeprived of their lord [Iuz], the euroz and jebli armies massing on Furyondy's borders rapidly dissolved. The barbarous creatures fought the regents of Iuz and won for themselves the east and west shores of Whyestil Lake. East of the lake, savage chieftains and unscrupulous humans founded the Horned Society. [pg. 5; --]
FolioHumanoids take the Pomarj.
These humanoids were finally driven out and scattered [Hateful War] -- some fleeing northwards towards the Yatils, but most (having wiser leadership) taking to the Suss forest and thence to the rugged mountains of the Pomarj. Finding the humans there weak and indolent, the invaders attacked quickly, capturing the strongholds, and then set themselves up as masters of the whole peninsula. [pg. 5; pg. 14]
Wars522King Belvor III of Furyondy coronated.
By playing on the suspicions of the Great Lords of the south, Belvor III swung the Order of the Hart into the royal faction. After his father's death, Belvor used his monarchial power to force the Great Lords back into the fold as well. Though his reign was relatively short, Belvor's coalition lasted, holding the fractious kingdom together during the years of his son's regency.
GA523Storrich of the Hold of Stonefist flees.
Having failed in an attempt to advance himself by less than traditional methods, Storrich and his followers were obliged to flee. Poisoners are not highly regarded even in this grim country. [pg. 97]
IvidGrenell (His Radiant Grace), Herzog of the North, born.
GA525Storrich surfaces in Dyvers spouting outlandish tales.
The general outline of the story was that Storrich's company happened on a city of fire-loving creatures [within the Burning Cliffs], and managed to steal some valuable gold and jewelry. The identity of the creatures which Storrich robbed is uncertain; his claims gradually grew diverse. At various times they were elementals, devils, demons, and harginn, and even efreeti. Unfortunately these discrepancies were never resolved. Within a month of his arrival Storrich died of a choking fit at a banquet. [pg. 97]
Folio526Dyvers declares independence.
The city was originally a part of the Viceroyalty of Ferrond and contributed heavily to the war which saw the institution of the Kingdom of Furyondy. Because of the alliance and close ties with Veluna, whose policies the Gentry of Dyvers see as restrictive, the city declared its independence. King Thrommel II allowed this act to pass unchallenged. [pg. 9]
Ividc. 535Karellford cursed.
Appropriated as a Royal protectorate under Ivid IV's ownership in response to a trumped up charge of treason against the local landowner, a mage. The mage was publicly burned, but not before he issued an appalling curse on his executioners.
WG8c. 536Diambeth, an Elreddi bard, dies.
Unlike Tenser and Mordenkainen, Diambeth wasn't born in the region, but spent his twilight years in Elredd. While traveling through the area, Diambeth saved the necks of an adventuring company in a very tight spot and thus was accepted as an honorary Elreddi. Finding the city to his liking and a good source of inspiration for his songs, he bought a villa, which he named Harper's Hold, within the city walls and lived out the last of his life there. [pg. 40]
Wars537King Belvor III of Furyondy dies quietly in his sleep;
Some nobles accused the Great Lords of assassination despite the fact that the Dread and Awful Presences -- the Hierarchs of the Horned Society -- claimed their magic wrought the king's death. A commission of wizards and priests led by Lord Throstin of the Hart determined that King Belvor died naturally in his sleep. The Great Lords were exonerated, but the Hierarchs never withdrew their claim: the deed only increased their standing in the Horned Society.
Lord Throstin appointed Regent of the Realm.
CoG540Nerof Gasgol, future Lord Mayor of Greyhawk, born.
Ivid555Midnight Darkness formed.
The organization is generally thought to be in the service of Nerull, the Reaper. Indeed, priests of Nerull are among their number. Since the cult is only believed to have been active for 30 years, and its killings only linked to it for many fewer, no man has been able to collect a great deal of information about it.
Folioc. 556Fruztii become suzerainty of the Schnai;
The Fruztii have never recovered from the Battle of Shamblefield, and have been under the suzerainty of the Schnai for the past two decades -- and several times previously as well. The supposed figurehead placed upon the throne of the Fruztii has, however, built his kingdom carefully, and in actuallity it is now independent in all but oath. [pg. 10]
GABronzewood casket of exquisite workmanship discovered;
The simple riverfolk of a river that flows into the Jewel south of Courwood discovered the casket lying on a sandbar. Rumors spread up and down the river like wildfire, and soon listeners as far away as Gradsul and Highport were speculating as to the casket's origin. There are a number of surprising coincidences between Hardiggin's fable of Esmerin and the story of the casket. [pg. 101]
WarsIvid V kills all 123 of his siblings;
Ivid IV assasinated;
The heir apparent hired the Overking's latest favorite to pour acid in the emperor's ear. Recognizing the danger of keeping a treacherous concubine on hand, however, Ivid V sentenced his accomplice to the Wheel of Pain.
Ivid V ascends to the Malachite throne.
Folio560Humanoids make forays into Bone March.
Hordes of humanoids (Euroz, Kell, Eiger and others) begin making forays into the Bone March, and these raids turned into a full scale invasion the next year. [pg. 9]
Folio561Humanoids invade Bone March;
WoGNumerous children disappear from the City of Greyhawk.
The children simply disappeared at night, never to be seen again, though sometimes they were replaced by simulacrums that committed vile blasphemies and had to be destroyed. [Gloss, pg. 26]
Folio563Bone March falls to humanoids.
This land fell to the horde of invaders [Euroz, Kell, Eiger and others], its lord slain, and its army slain or enslaved. Humans in the area were likewise enslaved or killed, and the whole territory is now ruled by one or more of the humanoid chiefs. [pg. 5; pg. 9]
T1-4566Chapel established at Nulb.
Its out-of-the-way position was ideal for the fell purposes planned for this settlement. The thickets and marshes around Nulb became the lair and hiding place for bandits, brigands, and all sorts of evil men and monsters alike. The chapel grew into a stone temple as its faithful brought in their ill-gotten tithes. Good folk were robbed, pillaged, enslaved, and worse. [pg. 5]
Folio569Battle of Emridy Meadows;
Contingents of men-at-arms and cavalry from Furyondy and Veluna, along with a force of dwarves from the Lortmils, gnomes from the Kron Hills, and an army of elven archers and spearmen fought together against a vast horde of humanoids (orcs, gnolls, and ogres predominantly) and evil men. The opposing forces met on the grassy fields south of the Velverdyva river several leagues below the city of Verobonc. The allied forces were closing upon the stronghold of the evil creatures, a huge walled fortress known as the Temple of Elemental Evil, not far from the village of Hommlet, when elven scouts reported that a huge army was approaching from the south. [pg. 5; pg. 6]
Horde of Elemental Evil scattered.
After the great slaughter, the army went on to besiege the Temple of Elemental Evil, and it fell in a fortnight. Only a few of the wicked leaders of the Temple managed to escape, and it is suspected that these individuals were responsible for the subsequent kidnapping and total disappearance of the Prince of Furyondy. [pg. 5; pg. 8]
Folio570Iuz and the eight other demi-gods released;
Once again Iuz rules, and his forces gather for fell purposes. Iuz has vowed to bring ruin upon Tensor the Archmage and Lord Robilar and the others who tried to slay him when his prison was sprung. [pg. 12]
IvidOswalden buys the town of Carnifand.
Oswalden is said to be a distant cousin of Otto, and certainly his great girth lends credence to that claim. The mage enjoys administering the bustling town, and he likes the fact that his subjects think very well of him. In a dangerous and violent land, Carnifand is an oasis of seeming stability and sanity.
Folio572Battle of Medigia.
The Duxchaners are still smarting from the battle, wherein the Sea Barons sank four of their warships and made prizes of three loaded cogs before they could gain safety in Pontylver. [pg. 12]
Folio573Scarlett Brotherhood first reported;
WarsThe first official act of the organization was the dispatching of emissaries to the courts of the Iron League. Traveling robed and hooded in red, these strangers claimed to be ambassadors from the Land of Purity. Most were excellent scholars and sages who observed in the courts of the Iron League and generously offered their talents to those who needed them. [pg. 5; --]
FolioPrince of Furyondy-Provost of Veluna kidnapped.
The Prince, betrothed to the daughter of the Plar of Veluna, and serving as Provost of that state, as well as Marshall of Furyondy, was of key importance to the forces of good. [pg. 5; pg. 8]
WoG575Barony of Ratik and Frost Barbarians sign Pact;
The successful alliance of the Barony of Ratik and the Frost Barbarians has caused much consternation in Bone March. A joint Ratik-Fruztii army wreaked havoc within the March after the signing. Leaders of the humanoids have determined that the northern alliance must be dissolved. [Gloss, pg. 29]
CoGPeople's Constables first appointed.
The public constables are empowered to fine offenders for trivial crimes such as obstruction, threatening language, slanderous utterances against ordinary persons, emptying foul refuse into the street, and so on. [FFF, pg. 14]
Folio576The World of Greyhawk map and Gazetteer first published;
WoGThe Savant-Sage publishes A Catalogue of the Land of Flanaess, Being the Eastern Portion of the Continent Oerik, of Oerth (Vol. III) [World of Greyhawk boxed set; pg. 5; Gloss pg. 2]
Seal of Alliance stolen from Ratik's Baronial Vault;
This symbolic parchment was endorsed and blessed by the gods of both Ratik and Fruztii, and the superstitious Frost Barbarians place great store in its safety. [Gloss, pg. 29]
WG8Plague abroad in Rookroost;
Or that's what a large percentage of its populace believes. Scores are suffering from a malady that has herbalists and clerics puzzled . . . and worried. The word on the streets is that the Red Death has returned. [WG8 Fate of Istus; pg. 6]
D63577Lord Captain Aldusc arrives in Bellport with a squadron of warships and troops;
The warships are now reported to be operating along the coast. Included are no fewer than six large galleys and perhaps a score of other war ships. The troops were divided after landing into main [joining Herzog Grenell] and reserve [defending Bellport's landward approaches] groups.
Schnai longships successfully raid the North Province and the Baronial Isles;
In hand-to-hand action, the flagship of the barbarians' fleet was captured. Jarl Froztilth, leader of the Schnai, many of his men, and the captured ship were all taken to Asperdi. News of this success was said to have greatly heartened the Herzog.
FtAExpedition to Blackmoor by the Archmage Marinian of Willip lost without a trace.
D56578Battle of Black Water Bend;
D57Battle of the Loftwood;
D63Captain General Gahru, commander of the Censorial army, missing and presumed slain;
In Grandwood Forest, a raid by wood elves and foresters has dealt a severe blow to Medegian troops holding the west bank of the Mikar River. An estimated force of more than 3,000 sylvan elves and men lured a host of nearly 5,000 humanoids and somewhat fewer men (mostly levies but also some 300+ picked cavalry) away from their encampment and deep into the forest.
D65Golden League declares war on Great Kingdom;
WG8The war spanned two years, ending in a minor strategic victory for Ivid's field army under the leadership of the Herzog, and seeing the withdrawal of Almorian and Nyrondese armies to the west of the Harp River. [--; pg. 69]
T1-4Bandits begin riding the roads again around Hommlet;
To the good folk of Hommlet, this seemed all to familiar, so they sent word to the Viscount that wicked forces might still lurk thereabouts. [pg. 5]
CoGFellowship of the Torch formed;
The group met for the first time in response to a proclamation from Tigran Gellner, who was looking for adventurers to assist in a peremptory strike against a nest of bugbears and a few ogres in the Cairn Hills. [FFF, pg. 71]
FtANaval forces of the Great Kingdom and Nyrond skirmish in Relmor Bay.
IvidSome say the Nyrondese engineered these skirmishes, preparing for what they considered to be an inevitable war. Certainly, Ivid V was making noises at court about reclaiming Aerdy's great imperial heritage, and Nyrond was the first major power heading west. He did have designs on Nyrond, but it may well be that the Nyrondese forced his hand.
Hurricane Ivid.
Most people of the Sea Barons recall this three day storm, which some laughingly called "Hurricane Ivid."
CoG579-581Shield Lands conquered.
The Horned Society and the Bandit Kingdoms acting in concert, invaded, overran and then carved-up the Shield Lands between the two conniving forces. [FFF, pg.6]
T1-4579Outsiders and adventurers begin arriving in Hommlet;
This information has been spread throughout the countryside, and the news has attracted outsiders to the village. Who and what these men are, no one can be quite sure. All claim to be bent on slaying monsters and bringing peace and security to Hommlet; but deeds speak louder than words, and lies cloak the true purposes of the malevolent. [T1-4 The Temple of Elemental Evil; pg. 5]
CoGCity of Greyhawk reforms coinage system.
Because of rising affluence in the city, the coinage system was reformed and the old low-value iron, brass and bronze pieces are no longer accepted coinage. [FFF, pg. 4]
Ivid580Spinning Cloud mysteriously abandoned.
Spinning Cloud is a stone keep which hovers 200' in the air. The top story of the keep cannot be seen, since a permanent stationary white cloud envelops it. There has been no sign of the master of the keep, an elementalist of air, for some five years now. Many consider that Jummenen has been lost on one of his forays into the Elemental Plane of Air.
CoG582City of Greyhawk painting unveiled;
The First Map of Greyhawk provides a magically enhanced view of the city and its environs. In truth, the artist who did the painting endured long hours of levitation perched at a precariously high altitude, to gain the perspective view of the city as portrayed in the painting. [City of Greyhawk boxed set; GoF, pg. 3]
WarsVatun -- Great God of the North -- rises amongst the barbarians;
Vatun's appearance surprised even those most convinced by the rumors of the Five Blades, including the barbarian kings who had used the rumors to further their power. Vatun must have somehow proved his power to these doubtful rulers, for the kings of Fruztii, Schnai, and Cruski each surrendered their ancestral sovereignty to "all-powerful" Vatun.
Sevvord Redbeard, Master of the Hold, joins forces with Vatun and his barbarian hordes.
Even as Vatun appeared before his dread-filled followers, the Fists converged upon them to stop the ceremony. In the brief battle that ensued, Vatun easily routed the Fists and thereby won the prostrate praise of the barbarians. However, instead of completely crushing the Fists, Vatun sought them as allies.
FtA583Elves subjugate Lendore Isle;
IvidKaristyne travels to Oakenisle.
Karistyne of the Cairn Hills traveled here incognito two years past and looted a treasure trove of an unknown wizard on the east coast. What she retrieved, she has not revealed.
Ivid583-584The Trine's Welcome built.
Emmara has built a the magnificent and luxurious hostelry here [Baizel] in the past two years. She uses this as a base for her diplomats, usually Celandenn, to meet with Drax's representatives. Meeting them on her territory, and pampering them with the luxuries of The Trine's Welcome, gives her an advantage in dealings.
Ivid584Castle Greenkeep decimated.
A boiling black cloud settled in the sky above Greenkeep, and vast strokes of lightning and acid rain cascaded down on the building. The walls and towers were shattered and the keep ruined, with most of the garrison slain and only a few managing to escape westward to safety.
Pontylver sacked;
Pacts agreed with greater tanar'ri for this one crucial campaign of conquest brought forth vrock, hezrou, and chasme to spread death, terror, disease, and weakness to the defenders of the city. Not even Pontylver's mages could defend it against the combination of fiends and the magic of priests of Hextor. And, while imperial casualties were not light, the city fell in the early summer.
Rot8Lord Robilar sacks the Fortress of Unknown Depths.
Rary's ally Lord Robilar entered Tenser's castle (four days' travel from Greyhawk) and initiated an attack. When the battle ended, Tenser's forces were slain, his castle was looted and all Tenser's cloning materials were destroyed. [pg. 3]
Ivid585Euroz mercenaries desert.
Against Prince Trellar's orders, the orcs put up their siege engines and sent a chieftain emissary into Pontylver. Offered a better pay rate by the city's ruler, the orcs spent two long days in financial discussions before they promptly turned right around and massacred Trellar together with his armies.
Iron Schism within priesthood of Hextor
Patriarch General Pyrannden has stood by Ivid. However, Krennden, Patriarch of Hextor in Rel Astra, has pronounced the Overking insane and renounced his sacred guardianship of the Malachite Throne on account of that.
WoG998Glossography published.
Pluffet Smedger, the Elder, of the Royal University at Rel Mord, spent several decades compiling glossographies for each volume of the Catalogue of the Land Flanaess being the Eastern Portion of the Continent Oerik, of Oerth, detailing facts and information overlooked by the Savant-Sage. [Gloss, cover; pg. 2]

Contradictory Dates

FtA254Veluna, Tenh, and Perrenland also become independent.
FtA375The mad Archmage Zagig Yragerner begins building Castle Greyhawk.
WoG446Iron League formed.
Editor's Note:The proper date of 447 CY is noted within the individual nation write-ups. [Cat, pg. 27] The incorrect date is used again in the Brief Historical Timeline of From the Ashes. [Card #1]
FtA507Iuz imprisoned beneath Castle Greyhawk.
Editor's Note:The proper date of 505 CY is noted within the High History. [Card #1; Atlas, pg. 5]
GA520Hateful Wars.
WG8576Knight of the Shield saves Belvor;
Torc, a Knight of the Shield, came to the aid of a hunting party that had been ambushed by hobgoblin raiders. Torc distinquished himself in the fight, defeating the hobgoblin chieftain in single combat, and saving the beleaguered hunting party . . . which just happened to include His Pious Majesty, Belvor IV. [pg. 86]
Editor's Note: Though not contradictory in nature, this entry is directly associated with when WG8 is placed in an individual campaign.
Hommlet's Keep completed.
Wilfrick is concerned about rumors that the Temple of Elemental Evil to the south is again active. He has cooperated with the Archcleric of Veluna in building a castle to defend the small village of Hommlet, which is not too far from the Temple's precincts. Recently, that project saw fruition, and only garrisioning the place remains to complete the handiwork started years ago.
DM Note: The completion of the aforementioned castle transpired a couple of years after the events in the initial version of T1 (The Village of Hommlet
[pg. 93]
Editor's Note: Given that T1-4 should take place in 579CY, the keep in Hommlet cannot be completed in 576 CY.

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