Chronological History of Eastern Oerik

A World of Greyhawk® Timeline

Version 2.0
Last Update: July 28, 1998

This is a work in progress. A list of sources used within this compilation and a version history can be found in the appendix. The material contained within this compilation is copyrighted by TSR Inc.. Feedback, comments, opinions or suggestions are appreciated. The primary purpose of this document is to provide a historical resource based upon published World of Greyhawk materials.

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  1. Direct Dating: Any and all, no matter how trivial, explicit dates contained within published Greyhawk source material will be included in the annotated chronology.
  2. Indirect Dating: All passages which contain a time reference, i.e. ten years ago, etc., that can be linked directly to an explicit date will be included in the annotated chronology. Any passage that uses qualifiers, such as 'about,' or other less specific time references (century, score, decade, etc.) will be included in the annotated chronology as an approximate date, identified by placing the abbreviation for circa prior to the date.
  3. Contradictory Dates: When two sources contain different dates which cannot be rectified, the source published first will be included within the annotated chronology while the later source's date will be listed within the contradictory dates section. A link will be provided between the two contradictory dates.
  4. Indeterminate Dates: All passages which contain a time reference that cannot be linked to an explicit date will be included in the indeterminate dates section.
  5. Methodology: Each published Greyhawk source is thoroughly examined for each and every time reference. When a date or time reference is found then it is placed into one of the four categories listed above.
  6. Presentation: The model used for presentation is the Chronological Table of Events found in the World of Greyhawk Gazetteer, published in 1980.
    1. Source: An abbreviation of the source where the event caption and annotation were found is provided. When no source is listed next to an event caption or annotation then the last source noted (scroll up) applies. A source will be provided for each date. The abbreviations used are listed in the appendix though they should be self-explanatory.
    2. Date: The common year is used for all dates. All years preceded by a negative sign take place prior to the advent of the Common Year calendar. The conversions provided in the chronology take into account that calendars do not have a 0 (zero) year. In addition to providing links connecting contradictory dates, dates derived through indirect dating will be linked to an explanation of how the date was determined.
    3. Event Caption: Event captions will be as brief as possible while attempting to portray the event to its fullest.
    4. Annotation: The annotation (the verbage within the grey fields) expands on the event caption, providing both DMs and players a more in-depth explanation of the event. Primarily taken directly from published sources, the annotations have been edited to provide general knowledge. DMs piqued by an event's annotation should refer to the cited source for more complete information.
    5. Bracketed Pages: At the end of each annotation a specific page reference will be given for the source material. If two page numbers are listed then the first applies to the event caption, while the second applies to the annotation itself. Modules, boxed sets and other source material which have a determinative date within them will also be noted within the brackets. The bracketed page entry may be linked to supplemental information. At best the supplemental information may be considered an Editor's Note and in the extreme as an individual interpretation of the event being discussed.


All material presented within this chronology is owned and copyrighted by TSR Inc.. This material has been collected to present a unified chronology from the numerous sources which comprise the World of Greyhawk®. The use of this material is not intended to challenge the rights of TSR. This document is presented solely for the personal use of those individuals who game within the Greyhawk setting.

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