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Guild of Cartographers
The Eastern Portion of Oerik (496k)
Guild of Performing Artistes
Guide for new Artistes (pdf - off-site)
Isle of the Ape -- AD&D® PBeM
The Head of Vecna (humor - off-site)
Union of Sages and Academics
Chronological History of Eastern Oerik
Languages of the Flanaess (off-site)

The runic inscription displayed above is a later variant of the ancient Flanic hieroglyphics. Dating of this variant cannot be precise though evidence suggests the runes above were in use at some period during the reign of the Ur-Flanae's. This supposition has not been confirmed. I plan on journeying eastward to the only remaining kingdom of the Olves.

               -- Jafar of Alachua

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