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Independent Software Providers
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Stellar Crisis
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Dungeons & Dragons®

A well put together page containing the following: Ilnyaupe (a Net World Project), some Planescape info, Adventure Ideas & Modules, and a list of Net Books.
AD&D Errata and FAQ
Based primarily on the Player's Option books. Has some 'unofficial' additions to the Rogue classes and also 'official' addendums, passed out by TSR at GenCon, for Spells & Magic and Combat & Tactics.
Sean K Reynold's Homepage
That's right the on-line personae of TSR. The real reason this is here is due to his Magic System. He also has some Mac programs dealing with dice.


Aphasia - The Role-Playing E-zine -[ New ]
Primarily dealing with White Wolf style games and Cyberpunk. Character sheets for these genres
The Fantasy News Network Home Page[ New ]
An old defunct compendium of on-line articles for AD&D
Gamer's World
News, Reviews, Chat Room, etc. of RPGs and CCGs. Nice e-zine.
The RPG Times
Chock full of Articles. Past issues available for download. You should be able to find something here that interests you.


Ema's RPG Page
Best freeware mapping program I've seen, Grid 3.80a
The Guide To Adventure
A complete RPG system available for download.
GURPS freeware Help file
Windows help file format dealing with the Basic Rules 3rd Ed. rev. character creation rules. Written by Books aka Chris Young. Systems supported:


GURPS Gulliver v3.0
"How to build and game Pixies and Giants." Including rules to cover combat options and many more character creation options. The rules add to or modify GURPS general Character Creation and Racial Generation rules to form a detailed creature design system. This work attempts to base its charactercreation on basic laws of biology, but at the same time to allow any sort of design, whether realistic or utterly fantastic.
An FTP site full of files introduced through the e-mail listserv of GURPSNet
GURPS WebWorlds - Project Coordination Site
Central point for a shared GURPS multiverse. Includes the address to join their e-mail listserv
GURPS Worldbook Index
A list of ALL worldbooks published by SJGames for GURPS
Roleplayer Index
Complete HTML versions of the now defunct Roleplayer mag published by SJGames.

Graphics, Clip-Art, & Fantasy Art

Fantasy Clipart
Here Be Dragons![ New ]
Navillus Fantasy Art
Washington University Data Archive

Independent Software Providers

GenChar Homepage
Wintertree Software Home Page

Live Role Playing

Handmade Games
Dark ConFrontation. Live Role Playing weekends at a park in Crawfordville, Georgia. Sounds like great fun. Now just need some $$$$ to go see it first-hand.

Net Books

Great Net Spellbook / Prayerbook Cover Page
My little archive[ New ]
Net Books for use with AD&D®
The Trap Page

On-line New & Used RPG Stores

The Dragon's Trove
Discount Games Co.
Magic Hat Collectible Card Game Cafe
Primarily had CCG but has some TSR and ICE items.
Net D&D/AD&D Price Lists Intro Page
Paul's RPG4Sale List
The Sages' Guild Home Page


Firetop Mountain
Firetop Mountain - the legendary locale of the ritual battles between the Mages of Old. A place where only the greatest survive, and where the careless quickly meet their end.
Middle-earth Play-By-Mail
Based on J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth - pay to play
The PBeM News Front Page
How to Run a Successful PBeM Campaign[ New ]
Phoenyx PBeM Roleplaying: Play By eMail Roleplaying[ New ]

Personal Web Pages

Hoody's: Underground AD&D Links[ New ]
The Ice Mage's Private Home
Mystara: The Druid's Grove
Paul Schirf's Fantasy Role Playing Game Material
The Wizard Academy's Page

Research Resources on the Web

Celts & Saxons homepage
Druidism FAQ for young people[ New ]
Site dedicated to Medieval Studies. Cultures, Athurian Studies, Vikings, Runes, Chivalry, Arms, Heraldy, etc. Provided by Georgetown University.
Has encyclopedias for both Mythology and Mystical. Mythology covers Greek, Norse, Native American, etc. Mystical covers druidism, shamanism, etc.
Bulfinch's 'The Age of Fable'
A superior Greek mythology work. Internal links to Pantheon.org for complete descriptions.

Role Playing Game Companies

DarkSIDE Press
New company with a game system called Synergy, available for download.
FASA Home Page
Battletech, Shadowrun, and Earthdawn. Some background, FAQs, but the BEST part is an introductory on-line adventure placed in Earthdawn. This is a great idea. Enough rules are on-line to play.
Hero Games Home Page
Iron Crown Enterprises - I.C.E.
Initial page allowing selection of text, standard, or frame modes. Middle Earth, Rolemaster, Silent Death, Dicemaster, and products list. Not much background information on anything.
Imperium Games Home Page
Traveller. Not much of anything except order forms and a product list. They are working on some supplemental pages, but basically empty.
R. Talsorian Games, Inc.
Steve Jackson Games
GURPS, etc. This site is HUGE. Every sourcebook ever produced has a page. Backgrounds, FAQs, FTP sites. Look for links under GURPS.
TSR's Official Page
TSR/Copyright Debate Compilation - James Vassilakos
How to reach TSR without using stamps
White Wolf Home Page
The Storyteller series: Changeling, Vampire, Mage, Wraith, and Werewolf. Basic product information

Stellar Crisis

SC 2.8 @ Lysator: Login
SC 2.8 @ Vividnet: Login
SC 2.8 @ Regensburg, Germany: Login[ New ]
SC 2.9 @ Titan: Login[ New ]
FAQ for Stellar Crisis[ New ]
Stellar Crisis Room
Stellar Crisis Central

Trade Wars

TWAR the Tradewars 2002 Helper

World/Campaign Design

Alien Planet Designer
Guidelines to creating Magic-Systems
World Building
World Building 101
WorldWeaver--a Guide to Fantasy Milieu Creation

World's On-Line

The Babylon Campaign
Fantasy genre - 2nd ed. AD&D PBeM campaign. I play Edric Kithmoor.
Dungeons & Dragons (TM)
Babylon's GM page with some very good programs available for download (He told me I'd get a really kewl familiar if I put this link on my page <G>)
Mystara Campaign Page: Estate of Achelos
Relm Campaigns
Fantasy genre GURPS PBeM Campaign. I play Trevor Winhome.
Telepaths, Troubadours, and Timelines: Gateway Page
Terra Viejo Index
Three Suns

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