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About my Page

[ Alachua FreeNet ]You will find that these pages primarily consist of links with short descriptions to other sites on the Net. I would like to thank Alachua FreeNet for its superb user oriented service. Their front office, Webmaster, and tech support have been very responsive and helpful.

This site is being worked on continually. Besides continuing to work on the pages already in place, two other pages are planned:

  1. Florida & Alachua County - dedicated to interesting sites around the state.
  2. Government and Politics - covering federal and state government and politics

Other changes will effect the format of the pages. Initially, the home page was separated from the "Top of the Page" links (the page had gotten too big and was loading far to slowly). Second, break apart the other pages that have grown rather large over the last several months. Lastly, a concerted effort on four projects:

  1. Establish the "Just Add Warp" page as a netwide resource for those individuals looking for an alternative operating system.
  2. Provide an array of writing samples attached to my Resumé.
  3. Determine a way to have a single URL-minder page which may be accessed from any page to register the previous page.
  4. Publish a world for role playing and conduct a PBeM campaign through this website.

I have scrapped the intention of converting to a frame oriented layout for several reasons. Primarily, the only real use I see for frames is having an index constantly available but this detracts from the rest of the page, IMO. Second, I wish to produce pages which are browser neutral including text browsers. The <no frame> tag is available, but then there would be the necessity for redundant indexes or complete pages for those without frames capability.

For those interested Web Counter has stopped taking free accounts till they update their hardware to support all their users. Who would've thought such a thing would be so popular!

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